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Australian Open 2022

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    Special! Special K's!

    Box office.. Kept the Rafa match off the main channel.
    Doubles have never been so sexy!

    Go you good things!
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      Madison Keys with the big upset!🤞🇺🇸😊🇺🇸🤞


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        Originally posted by Gtkgasman
        Madison Keys with the big upset!🤞🇺🇸😊🇺🇸🤞
        Live in hope. If Keys plays without fear and handles Barty's slice backhand, she has a chance.

        They're calling it SUPER THURSDAY.

        1. The Special K's in the doubles semi on Rod Laver Arena. 65% crowd allowed. With cheap tickets allowed. Expect a rowdy, diverse crowd of yobbos singing Seven Nation Army.

        2. Just crowned "Australian of the Year"., wheelchair player Dylan Alcott in semi on Rod Laver Arena.

        3. Australian womens cricket team play England in Ashes test in Canberra. And they have their own ashes in a tiny urn.

        4. Socceroos Mens National football team play Vietnam in Melbourne in World Cup qualifier. Must win.

        5. Matildas Womens National football team play Thailand in Asian Cup in Mumbai.

        6. Ash Barty to take care of business on Rod Laver Arena.


        ( 6 must see sporting events. Does it get any better? The remote is in for a shellackin'! )
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          They were calm, polite, serious and respectful. Loads of cucumber sandwiches were consumed by loads of posh people.

          Just kiddin'. It was loud, frantic, insane. Krygios smashed a racquet, argued with the ref and swore, but you know, not too much. It was more serious plus the arena was better behaved than the bullring of the John Cain Arena. Both pairs slugged it out. Some outrageous shots by Nick but it was The Kokk, Thanassis Kokkonakis that reigned supreme as Nick was spiralling. Absolute scenes when they won match point. Now they play 2 other Aussies in final. If Ash wins tonight, that'll be 5 Aussies playing Saturday night. We're in the mixed doubles final as well. It's been a great tonic for the long suffering city of Melbourne. The've been doin' it tough in lockdown. Let 'em blow some steam off!

          Go you good things!


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            Ok Gilly -
            I’m up at 3am to see the Barty/Keys match shortly. Retirement paying off! 😊. But this is nuts.....😂

            if barty mows down another American, let’s hope Collins makes it to the final! 🇺🇸😎


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              That was quick. Sleepy time now 😴 💤


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                The Danimal is the last US hope!! 🇺🇸 Let’s go Collins!


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                  As Meatloaf used to sing "5 outta 6 ain't bad!"

                  For those following at home

                  1. Won
                  2. Lost
                  3. Won
                  4. Won
                  5. Won
                  6. Won

                  Thus SUPER THURSDAY is done.

                  Big weekend coming up.


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                    Kyrgios should have been defaulted immediately and the match ended after he hit that kid in the stands.

                    I don’t care where he is from. Or his nationality. He’s an absolute disgrace as a not only a tennis player, but as a human being. A-hole.

                    if that was my kid, he’d have been picking up his chicklets for an hour.


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                      Accidents happen. Golfers hit spectators. Cricket balls hit spectators. Spectators gotta know it comes with the territory. Kid did get brand new yonnex racquet.

                      He's brash and immature at times. He's quite honest about his relationship to tennis. He doesn't enjoy the grind of the circuit.

                      Sorry. After his efforts to galvanise Bush fire relief after Black Summer, his pro-vaccine stance and his work with disadvantaged kids not to mention bringing tennis to non WASP communities he has accumulated a lot of goodwill here that he had previously squandered. Heh. He's complicated.

                      Unless he shoots someone on 5th Avenue, he has become beloved here. I am sure the US Open organizers are gaggin' to have the Special K's play doubles at Flushing Meadows. Huge. Beautiful ratings.
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                        He’s got money. I’m happy for those he has helped for sure.

                        But, Money can’t buy your way out of being an ass and a quitter.

                        I grew up in the age of connors, nastasi, and McEnroe, so I’m not naive. But they weren’t disgraceful quitters.

                        and grind my butt. Want to see grind. Visit a CHOP, or a Shriners hospital, or an Hcap Accessibility Expo. He should be ashamed to look in the mirror.
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                          Vamos!!! The little matador punches the air. He's in reach of 21 slams!

                          Who does he meet? The Golden Greek or Danill "what would Novaxx do?" Medvedev.


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                            Originally posted by Gilly Goodness
                            Vamos!!! The little matador punches the air. He's in reach of 21 slams!

                            Who does he meet? The Golden Greek or Danill "what would Novaxx do?" Medvedev.
                            My heart is with the 🇬🇷👍🤞!

                            And So now, that heart is broken. 😂
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                              WOMENS FINAL

                              Tonight while watching Collins bounce the tennis ball before serving I will think of the ovarian cyst that was removed from her last year that was the exact same size. She's a fighter. I like her from what I've seen of her. If she plays without fear and handles Barty's slice backhand, she has a chance. It would be a great story.

                              As for Ash, whatever happens her biggest gift to us all has been a lesson in grace and humility. When she loses she says it's only a game. She tried her best. The other player was too good. The sun will still rise tomorrow. Trite? Nope. She means it. Equanimity. Grounded. We don't expect her to win. We expect her to try. We expect her to play with grace and humility.


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                                Good stuff! You said it!! I like Ash’s post match ints also. I’m hoping for a good one later. Or earlier? Lol. I’ll set my alarm for 3:30am here. I can watch the blizzard here out my window on the east coast too.

                                The Danimal will give her a fight!!

                                And to be fair: I was thinking. Hard. You said Kyrgios has a good side and he’s maturing. Ok. So, I will keep a more open mind moving forward towards him and try to see with fresh eyes. And not dwell on his old. mistakes. Cause as someone said “let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. And I can’t throw that stone......😉😊. And some people still like me here.....😂😂
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