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    Well, at least Venus likes him....
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      Well I guess, as they say, there’s no accounting for taste ....😊

      On a lighter note. Congrats to Anisimova on a terrific win!!! 👍👍👍


        Lets go Sakkari!!🇬🇷🇬🇷

        Lets go Keys!!🇺🇸

        Let’s go Anisimova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🇺🇸 😉😉


          Sakkari 🇬🇷 Lost. Darn. 😞. But to a US youngster 😊


            Is it a zoo? Is it a circus? Who cares? The best show in town. John Cain Arena. The golden Greeks. The special K's. Kokkinakis. Kyrgios. Double trouble. Unpredictable. Fun loving. Volcanic.

            Nice warmup for the Barty Party. Tonight. Rod Laver Arena.
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              Barty moves along past the US girl. 😞 Congrats! 😊

              but still a bunch of US ladies advance. 😆
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                sad for Halep, hoping for a Swiatek vs Barty final. On the men's side, Nadal has to be the favourite but I do hope Medvedev can take it all.
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                  Originally posted by soundchaser09 View Post
                  sad for Halep, hoping for a Swiatek vs Barty final. On the men's side, Nadal has to be the favourite but I do hope Medvedev can take it all.
                  I’ve always liked Halep also. But Alize is a very likable player also and easy to pull for!! I’m obv partial to the USA. 🇺🇸 And Tsitsipas on the men’s side. 🇬🇷 No US left, as usual. 😞


                    I’m watched the Kanepi v Sabalenka replay. Is no one allowed in to watch? No one is there??? 100 folks...


                      Covid Omikron means only 50% audience allowed in. Overseas players aren't that popular unless you are Nadal or Osaka.

                      Halep beaten by French lass who has taken over 60 attempts at a slam to make th 1/4's. She was in tears. After. Special. Was a great 2 1/2 hour match in 34° heat.

                      Am rootin' for Tsitsipas as he is a grounded dude who likes photography and filmmaking off the court and is genuinely loved down here. The tall Russian, not so much.

                      Ash looks determined. To solve any problem.
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                        Thx for info on attendance. Appreciated!

                        Agree totally on Cornet.

                        I’m watching the Keys match now. 🤞. 9:18pm here. I am not getting the matches live that are 3am here so haven't seen Barty live much. I think I can see replay between 7am - 11am or so my time tomorrow morn is all. That has been a bit annoying. But I’m enjoying the play.

                        The Fritz v Tsitsipas Match was good. I was torn. Lol.


                          Those crazy hepcats over at Tennis Australia, you know the ones that ignored advice from the Federal government to try and game a visa exemption for Novaxx, have reversed their decision to now allow political slogans on Tshirts in the crowd.

                          Because thousands were going to be made and handed out to spectators for the womens final.

                          WHERE IS PENG SHUAI?

                          There is a Chinese liquor sponsor of the Open that would've influenced the original decision to ban. Some rotgut no one drinks.

                          Big news down here. Especially with Beijing hosting winter olympics soon. Will be interesting if channel7 shows the tshirts in the commentary. Good day for free speech, no?
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                            Forgive my ignorance. Do we get same or similar broadcasts. I get the ESPN feed and broadcasters. Like Pat Mc I think, Shriver, etc. I don’t see the crowd, or crowd pans, hardly at all. No close shots. Some wide shots occasionally.

                            And you are saying that the crowd CAN wear the shirts now? If so, good.

                            While I am vehemently opposed to some of the things that have been worn at previous US Opens, I fully support the freedom to do it. I eluded to someone in an earlier conv as an example.

                            I would love to hope we get the full story on that poor girl from China.

                            (oh - complete side note per my prev post - if I want to see the early morn matches live here, 3am, guess 9pm for you?, I gotta pay extra for ESPN+. And that ain’t gonna happen....😡)
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                              No we get our channel7 feed with the excellent Jim Courier commentating. Insightful. Funny. Lleyton Hewitt too is good. Lots of crowd shots, supporters' box reactions. Lots of behind the scenes stuff. Lame sport comedy, banter.

                              There's an Aussie tennis player Elliot Loney who does great impersonations. His Rafa has to be seen to be believed. Does Novaxx, Kyrgios, Murray, Roger. Very funny.

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                                Hahaha. Funny stuff!!! Spot on Rafa and Nick. 😂😂

                                you know. I remember the DJoker used to do funny stuff like that on the court. After matches. Of various players mannnerisms. I think he did a Maria sharapova was hilarious. This was back when he was rising, and was likable.