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    Just around the corner. Accommodation for fans has been released. Shippin' containers. I mean, cabins. With a kettle. Instant coffee. Teabags.

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    And then beers will be £8 a pint. Also no gays. Public kissin'. Don't take your top off. Swear. Dance. Or make noise durin' the call to prayer but other than that. Go large!!!!

    I will be skipping this whole tournament and not watch any of it. An event build on the dead bodies of 7.000 slaves, is not something I want to see and contribute to in any way.


      I'm only gonna watch 12 days. Otherwise known as Australia failin' to get out of the group stage. 😉


        16 Socceroos release statement condemning human rights abuses in Qatar.
        We're not gonna win the damn thing so may as well say what every one is thinkin' !!!

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          In my opinion folks from other countries and other nations need to mind their own business and stop lecturing nations whose culture and ways that are different from theirs and who they disagree with.

          What purpose does it serve? This intermingling politics and sports is a mindless endless game that goes nowhere.

          I am looking forward to the World Cup no matter where it is played. Look at this sick nation! Once the power of the world now deep in debt looking at an energy catastrophe while the FBI and DOJ have been weaponized to go after their political enemies

          The U.S. needs to mind their own business

          And before anyone starts with I am turning a sporting event into politics? No!. I am responding to previous political posts of a sporting event.. Don't get me wrong! I respect the opinions of the above posters but when the powers to be SAY NO POLITICS I would think it means no politics.

          But the Marxist LEFT live in a world of double standards. Politics are OK when WE SAY SO but none when we cry cry cry to the Head Man.
          Hypocrisy and BS
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            Originally posted by Gilly Goodness View Post
            16 Socceroos release statement condemning human rights abuses in Qatar.
            We're not gonna win the damn thing so may as well say what every one is thinkin' !!!

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            We have human rights abuses in the United States. We have a DOJ and FBI that has been weaponized to target their political opponents. Not unlike Cuba and other totalitarian countries..


              But how about the actual event..The World Cup.. This is a section for Sports. Or is.this the new and approved politics forum where we can attack nations that we disagree with


                Socceroos to beat France 5-0.

                You heard it here first! 😉

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                  The winner will be France, Spain, Germany, England, Brazil, Argentina , Portugal or Italy.

                  It always is!
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                    BREAKIN' NEWS

                    So the squad is announced. 26 men for 26,000,000 people.
                    Gather round boys. Bring it in tight. Take a knee.

                    Can you smell it?
                    The delicious tang of eucalypt.
                    The sound of the didge
                    There's a Yellow Mist comin' through the valleys
                    Over the ranges rollin' like Golden Thunder!

                    From all the corners of the globe
                    From refugee camps*, from ships we came

                    Always underated
                    We're too small
                    We're too slow
                    We're too scared

                    But we're not gonna backdown
                    The World can knock on our door
                    Give 'em some sugar, lads!!!
                    Give 'em some bloody Aussie sugar!!!

                    We're the Men from Down Under
                    Where Women glow and Men chunder
                    Can you hear? Can you hear that thunder?

                    You better run. You better take cover!!!!

                    4 ex-refugees. 3 from Africa. 1 from Bosnia.

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                      We always enjoy some good soccer but this one is going to be tough for us to watch for several reasons. The US will almost certainly fail to make it out of group play which will be painful to watch. But the bigger troubles mentioned above definitely cast a shadow over the whole deal and I blame FIFA for creating this mess way more than Qatar. I have no idea why anyone would want to go see these matches in person (except of course for folks that already live nearby).


                        Expect a lot of human rights protests by teams this time around. Way more than occurred in China and Russia when they held the Olympics and World Cup respectively. The IOC are way more strict than FIFA.

                        Denmark to wear all black memorial Jersey. Many captains to wear rainbow armbands. Stuttgart are the most progressive club in Europe. Captained by our Jackson Irvine who was one of the instigators of the above video. Expect some passionate press conferences. May not change government laws in Qatar but event will be watched across the Arab world. Protests on sport have never really changed things have they?

                        Or maybe ask South Africans. Boycotts worked. Maritme Trade Unions not working on ships. Helped.

                        Womens soccer has reacted strongly as they have a more open gay culture. English Lionesses have even said they won't watch the games. Quite extraordinary.

                        So soon the games begin. Will be rivettin'. As will the protests and editorials. Predict this WC edition will be remembered for other things than the football. Personally. Can't wait. For the golarzos and the pearl clutchin'.


                          THERE'S A FOX IN THE HENHOUSE 🦊

                          Ash Armstrong

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                            Every scarf held up says BOYCOTT QATAR.
                            From recent German club game.


                              I read a good article about the player's union complaining about the increased risk of injury due to the schedule change. Rather than getting a month or so off prior to starting many players are only getting a couple of weeks off after already starting their seasons. It's going to be very interesting to see how this experiment works out...