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The Real Phil Mickelson Has Stood Up

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    The Real Phil Mickelson Has Stood Up

    Nothing is real today when it comes to the media. And so it was for decades when it came to Phil Mickelson.

    The media loved Phil. The fans did also. He was always accessible to both.

    But the real Phil Michelson was never exposed until recently.

    I remember a long ago conversation about 20 years ago with a Titleist Representative with several others over breakfast. He would go to all the PGA tournaments representing Titleist. He was a few months short of retirement and was no longer holding his opinions on the golfers of the day.

    I remember him saying you must understand one thing about Phil Mickelson. If he was not a great golfer he would be retrieving carts for Walmart from the parking lot. He said Michelson is "dumber than a box of rocks". He said his bad course management and stupid decisions would cost him numerous tournaments. Well, Michelson has blown numerous tournaments due to stupid decisions including the US Open at Wing Foot many years ago when he butchered the 18th hole by hitting a driver off the tee.

    Now fast forward and yes Mickelson has shown to be dumber than a box of rocks.

    Michelson has been rumored for a couple of decades to have a gambling problem. Unbelievably even at his age of 51 when he should have known better he gave an interview with a journalist writing a book on him. This journalist had done his homework and had found out Michelson had lost at least 40 million gambling.

    Michelson in the interview trashed the PGA tour and their monopoly. He said he was going to play in the new Greg Norman Saudi tour of 7 events where the money was huge.

    Well, I can guarantee you Phil's management did not clear that interview. Immediately Michelson lost every single endorsement totally around 20 to 30 million per year. By all appearances he has been suspended by the commissioner of the PGA tour as he has not played an event since.

    Now it has come out he is basically broke due to his gambling. His long time caddy "Bones" McKay left him in 2017 because it has been reported Michelson owed him hundreds of thousands in past caddy fees

    Nothing is real today with the mainstream media. But there are a few journalists out there that will do their homework and expose the truth.

    And yes that Titleist Representative a long time ago was right. Phil Michelson is dumber than a box of rocks