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    Favorite music podcasts?

    There seem to be thousands of podcasts where people talk about music. But not nearly as much where they actually play music, or better still, complete songs!

    Some of my favorites, mostly found via itunes.

    Strangebrews Interviews with mostly 60s, 70s artists, interspersed with songs from that artist/band
    Progwatch Mix of old and new prog.
    Live from Progzilla radio same, sometimes very obscure stuff
    Beatles Naked Beatles nerds/experts, one American one British talk Beatles and play songs.
    BBC Mixtape New Indie music presented by the amiable Tom Robinson
    Music from 100 years ago If you want to expand your music horizon into the distant past. This guy is a history teacher and plays songs from 1900-1950.
    It’s very interesting, and he tells lots of trivia and anecdotes of the artists and their times. (Spoiler: there were a lot of heroine addicts in the 30s and 40s...)

    Interesting, I can see where it would be easier to have a podcast about music in the public domain where you can actually play it without worrying about licensing restrictions. For me, when it comes to music-related content it's all commentary podcasts that I listen to.

    However, one I can think of immediately off the top of my head, for Pink Floyd fans, is Brain Damage, which is devoted to curated best-source live recordings.
    Welcome to Brain Damage's 18th year! The show is all grown up. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd still be doing this podcast after all this time but here I am, and its all thanks to those who've supported the show. For this edition, we forge on to another year as we all get older. This is a twist on a topic of many Pink Floyd songs, a collection of songs that all [...]
    my labor of love (and obsessive research)


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