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  • Rick Beato: Everything Music

    Rick has an interesting Youtube channel wherein he deconstructs tunes, interviews amazing artists, discusses music theory/playing/production/engineering/history, and more.

    He doesn't just analyse the latest by Adele or discuss how Taylor Swift is taking on the music industry ... he's as likely to discuss the music of Alanis Morissette, Peter Gabriel, Steely Dan, J.S. Bach, or John Dowland. He even analyses a tune from some 70s band called Yes and interviewed their lead singer.

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    I'm a big fan of Pete Townshend's work in The Who. Pete's one of my two favourite contemporary songwriters.

    I don't have the command of music theory that Rick has, so it's interesting to have him break down "Love Reign O'er Me". I love the tune, but the breakdown of the construction of it helps me understand why it's so interesting. The art of putting various compositional tricks together is fascinating to me.


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      Jon Anderson interview

      Rick having a chat with a guy from some band:


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        Al Di Meola interview

        Rick having a chat with an obscure jazz fusion guitarist:

        Not just an interview. Al plays several tunes.