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    Bucket of Rain

    It's been raining beautifully since 16.00, and it's now 22.15...
    Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
    Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.

    Great shots esp. The first one with shadows. And I know the release of rain after a long drought. Literally danced in the stuff as a youngin'.


      Much needed and much missed!


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        Sick of the blinkin' rain!

        It has rained on more days than it hasn't this year.

        Third La Nina weather pattern in one year.

        Goin' to be a historic high.

        The white vinegar has been deployed to prevent mold.



          We live on top of Dow Ridge which sits above Brushy Fork and Little Brushy Fork and fortunately we were home when this storm happened after having returned from a visit to Cincy just prior to the rain starting. It rained about 10 inches in 3 hours as we watched it falling around our home and on radar. During the storm's peak you could go outside and hear what sounded like a freight train derailing but it was actually the creek flooding and roaring through the valleys on either side of our home. Our road has low spots at both ends and we were completely cutoff for a while from the rest of the world but fortunately that didn't last long and our road did not get damaged. Everything is fine here and with our neighbors who live on the ridge, but down in the valleys it's a whole different story.

          The road and bridge you see in this video is our way into Madison and Betsy's work. It's still closed but at least now they are working to get it repaired and fortunately the bridge is not damaged because no telling how long that would take to fix or replace. The first guy WLKY interviewed in the video is Gary Immel and he almost died trying to save his cows from the flood (he lost most of them apparently). One woman lost her life and the first responder that tried to save her almost lost his as well. Three houses are just gone like they never existed, and they were old well built houses rather than trailers. Our beautiful creek valley is now destroyed - rocks and trees are strewn everywhere along with debris from homes, cars, and all sorts of other stuff. We saw at least a dozen cars in the creek some in trees, some mangled and buried in the creek bed, and some now just pieces and parts. Our road into Cincinnati was also torn up but fortunately it is a state highway and the damage was easily repaired so it was reopened quickly. Little Brushy is also a huge mess but fortunately no one died and the road didn't get washed away. The people we talked to who live in the valleys told stories of having to run up the hill as fast as possible through brambles and fences to keep above the flood.

          Scary stuff indeed. Peace and love to the folks that were impacted by this disaster. Stay safe out there...


            Wow. So sorry K-shmitty. Looks like beautiful country now hit by terrible floodin'. Hope people are insured and able to rebuild. We have many towns on flood plains devastated as well. Folks will be relocated. My brother's place in Byron Bay was a metre underwater which is not too bad. Hope you and Betsy get any help you need. Stay safe.


              Thanks GG and sorry to hear about the water troubles down your way. The sad truth is in the US property owners have to have special flood insurance to cover this sort of event and most people don't have it unless they live in a place that floods frequently from the ground up and are therefore required to have a separate flood policy. Regular home owner's policies only cover water damage that comes in from above, like if your roof goes and results in rain damage. It seems like a crazy system to me but I guess it's designed to reduce risk for most people who don't have to worry about ground flooding on a regular basis (like us). Unfortunately I would be shocked if any the people impacted by this event had flood insurance because they never thought they would need it, and the only people that do have that sort of policy around here it live in flood plains near places like the Ohio River.


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                Well. Was a nice 23° blue sky Spring day down here in Sydney until the temperature suddenly dropped about 12 ° and it started to hail with the biggest thunderclap I've ever heard. Scared me 1/2 to death. Hail. Tonnes of it. My son the construction worker just returned home. Can't work in this. My wife has never seen it havin' grown up in Fiji.

                Duck that lives next door just out of shot.
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                  Tonight we have a "wind warning".

                  Strongest winds of the year expected.