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    Between his two best known bands, the multi-instrumentalist appeared on four of the biggest-selling albums of the period 1969-79
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    ... I believe his first solo album is quite interesting as well, don't know the second one ... Rest In Peace!
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      RIP, indeed. So sad that the folks who gave us such tremendous albums are leaving us.


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        Sad another one leaves us. Without him King Crimson may never have existed, an architect of forward thinking music. The Epitaph box set of Crimson live in 1969 shows Ian and the group in full-on peak powers. The McDonald & Giles album from right after they left is worth hearing. Talented guy, RIP.


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          Originally posted by Olorin
          RIP, indeed. So sad that the folks who gave us such tremendous albums are leaving us.
          You summed up my feeling perfectly.

          RIP Ian...


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            I Talk to the Wind was such a great piece with his input, a personal favourite flute moment, RIP Ian McDonald
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              What a contrast: King Crimson and Foreigner. Love In the Court of the Crimson King and, yes, many songs from those early Foreigner albums. RIP Ian.
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                Love those early Foreigner albums. Probably more than ITCOTKC.

                Sad news indeed.