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    Virgil Howe

    Five years today since Virgil Howe died.
    Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
    Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.

    Steve had some of Virgil's material left, and is coming out with a second album, as many of you know. I enjoy very much, the previous release.

    Five years as blown by, or forgotten for most of us. I would imagine Steve doing some work with Virgil's ideas and music is not only comforting to him, but a tribute, and a work of love. I can't even begin to imagine losing one's child.

    I never got to meet Steve's daughter Georgia when she was at the Westbury show where dad was jumping up and down quite a bit, that I filmed for my gif ( he told me later when looking at it, "I can't jump like that, anymore." ), but seeing and hearing Dylan perform on the skins on tour, and meeting him later, what a nice guy he was. Watching him see the love directed to his father, and having older fans tell how much his father and his music meant to then was something very special as well. He played a lot more like Bill Bruford, than Alan's style of playing.

    I was a little sad myself thinking Virgil still kind of lived on, whether most folks- yes, most folks don't know or could give a flying f that it is him on the drums on the intro music to Better Call Saul, that Little Barrie performed.

    Now the show is over, but I'm positive there will be re-runs, syndication, and international viewing. But only the few will know, or care. Enjoy your children everyday. Time waits for no one.
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