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RIP, Anne Rice

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    RIP, Anne Rice

    The legendary author died yesterday at 80 due to complications from a stroke. She is credited with reinventing and reinvigorating vampire fiction through the success of the 1976 publication of Interview with the Vampire. She was best known for her vampire books, but her first Mayfair Witch book, The Witching Hour, was the best of all her books, IMHO. Its sweeping story, set across 400 years, was a tour de force.

    Rice was well known for interacting with the world around her, whether debating detractors in Amazon's user reviews, corresponding with kinder readers, criticizing then praising Tom Cruise, sparring with the Catholic Church, and jousting with New Orleans restauranteur Al Copeland. I actually had an email conversation with her years ago, and once met her at a book signing, the only famous author I have ever met. She was one of a kind, and one of the greats in my personal literary pantheon.

    RIP, Anne.

    Saw the news just a little while on another forum. I only know "Interview With A Vampire" from the movie, but I know a lot of people loved her because of the huge impact she had on her fans. (On the other forum it seemed like it was mainly from back in the 80s.)
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      Damn. Sad.

      I need to read her book(s). I only know the movie also. My wife has em on the shelf from way back.

      Nice to hear ear she was pleasant to talk to!!