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Judy Durnham ("Georgy Girl")

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    Judy Durnham ("Georgy Girl")

    Judy Durnham

    Another 60’s artist has passed away. RIP “Georgie Girl” Judy Durham of The Seekers.

    5 August 2022 (aged 79)

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    Durham died in palliative care on Friday night after a brief stay in the Alfred hospital in Melbourne, Universal Music Australia and Musicoast said in a statement.

    Her death was a result of complications from a longstanding chronic lung disease, according to the statement.

    In 2013, Durham suffered a stroke that impacted her ability to read and write but not her singing.

    Her last album, a previously unreleased collection of songs titled So Much More, was released in 2018 to celebrate her 75th birthday.

    Both Judy Durnham and Olivia Newton-John were Aussies.

    The New Seekers became the first Australian pop group to achieve major chart success in the UK and US, paving the way for other stars like Olivia Newton-John.

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      Used to hate The Seekers when mum played them in the 1960/70s, but revisited them after hearing Nick Cave's interpretation of 'The Carnival Is Over', a song I now find unbearably moving.
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        Such a beautiful voice. RIP.

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          Both Judith Durham and ONJ were part of the background noise growin'up. Always on the radio and performed their songs in school. Toe tappers. Sweet. But considered dorky by the cool kids. Bit like The Carpenters.
          All 3 have had deserved reappraisals a long time ago. Stunnin' songcraft and timeless folky melodies that sound like they always existed.

          Never saw Grease in the day and as havin' left school in '79 would've been right up my street. I was too busy explorin' Tormato and its quirkiness. The songs were all over the radio. BeeGees were all over the radio. Disco. ELO. Xanadu. Just fun music.

          Anyhoo listenin' closer to Georgy Girl. The lyrics are quite dark. This young, attractive girl is quite lonely.
          The mood of Eleanor Rigby. The Carpenters are full of this bitter sweetness which we would learn the origins of later.

          As for ONJ. She had a messier, darker life than she is bein' remembered for. Movin' back to England she originally started a live in relationship with a married man. The Shadows' bass player. I'm sure the first Mrs Welsh was far from won over by her winnin'smile. Then ONJ's first hubby cops off with the babysitter.
          Then ONJ's next long term partner jumps off a boat near Mexico in the middle of the night. Never to be heard of again. In debt. Unable to get his hands on her money. So. Far from a gifted life. Which is better to know than she was some kind of Goddess who walked among us. Human. Relatable. Sufferin' disease.
          But undoubtedly made stronger each time by the misfortune that befell her. Just look how evolved she was in her last years.
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            Judith Durham can be seen in the audience on one of the Yes concert DVDs, maybe the ARW one but I'm not entirely sure.