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A Christmas Miracle

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    A Christmas Miracle

    It was 2 days before Christmas.
    A heavy humidity hung in the air. Carols piped harmoniously along the high street.
    The family was desperate to procur the Christmas ham.
    The prawns. chicken and salads were all organised.

    Striding to the butchers I was determined to snaffle a decent shoulder.
    Many people were lined up. Masked up to reisist Omicron.
    Time was of the essence. Scanning the shelves, I guessed all the hams had been sold.

    So I left disappointed. Unhappy that Christmas smiles were on the line. We love our ham.
    Picked up my son from basketball. I asked if he could go online. He was dubious. I said, bugger it.
    Let's try Woolworths. So scanning the shelves inside for small shoulders. It looked hopeless.
    Could we really go pork. No. Goddammit. Asked an employee who guided me through the chaos to the right door.
    And there it lay. Nestled among sausages and lamb chops.

    Golden light shone down as I reached in for the manuka honey ham. Small shoulder.

    A miracle. I could hear trumpets. oh? Muzak. Fair enough.

    How is your Xmas planning going?
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    Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Happy “all other faiths and believes” / Happy everything to all !

    Hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy themselves, see friends and family, and relax a bit. I know it’s crazy time for many. Take a minute and smell the roses for a least a short time if you can!!!

    thanks to all for the conversations on the new site that I was a part of. I Love the fun banter and varying thoughts of all, and enjoy reading everything. It really has given me an escape from everyday difficulties. And open doors to some things I knew nothing about.

    Happy Times YesFans!!



      I had a similar Christmas miracle many years ago, 1973 to be precise. I was really into astronomy then and wanted a telescope for Christmas. By an unfortunate coincidence, that was the year of comet Kohoutek, which was expected to be the comet of the century. (It turned out not to be, but that’s a totally different story.) As a result, it drove up interest in telescopes and we got a notice from the company that my mom had ordered the telescope from that they were out of stock and wouldn’t be able to get it in until February. She got the notice in the mail the day of my grade school Christmas program, but withheld it from me until after the program because she knew how disappointed I would be and didn’t want me to skip the program on account of it. So, days went by, and I continued to be bummed out. On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, we got a call from the rail depot in the neighboring town that a package had come in for us there. My dad went over to pick it up, and none of us could figure out what it could be. It turns out, it was the telescope! The company got it just in time to get it out to me by Christmas Eve. By that time in my life, I no longer believed in Santa, but I almost did that year. That’s one of my most favorite Christmas memories.



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