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De Freycinet and his stowaway Wife

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  • De Freycinet and his stowaway Wife

    Mon Dieu! Just read this mornin' that the French explorer de Feycinet hid his young 22 y.o. wife Rose on board as he circumnavigated the world.

    I knew the name de Freycinet from Tasmania ( formerly Van Dieman's Land) as it is a beautiful spot on the East coast featurin' Wineglass Bay.

    The French had been 2 weeks late in discoverin' and claimin' Australia for the France. Talk about slidin' doors. Captain Cook sailed and landed in Botany Bay and planted the Union Jack. Things could have been so different.

    Now de Freycinet built a secret room in his cabin and waited till he was out of French territorial waters before confessin'to his men. It was illegal. Some of the men were very angry.

    They must have been incredibly in love. Another role for Margot Robbie? Directed by Jane Campion? She learnt English, guitar and did needlework. They eventually got shipwrecked in the Falkland Islands. Then got rescued by an American whaler.

    Lovely tale of romance and danger.

    It made me smile. 😍

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