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    The Thursday Murder Club

    Meet every week in Richard "I present Pointless with Alexander Armstrong" Osman's debut cosy crime novel. Old codgers with extraordinary life experience which they bring to solving a series of murders in and around their resort care home. Still mobile and sharp the gang are always 1 step ahead of the plod. Funny and witty in that droll English way. Some nice surprises but the real joy is seeing how these old endearing folk navigate old age, friendships, death and grief. Has many touching insights about all these as the plot unfolds.

    Steven Spielberg bought the film rights so expect Helen Mirren to get a call from her agent

    Will pass it around to my sisters who also enjoy murders most cosy. Osman's second in the series, "The Man who died Twice" is out. He's writing the third.

    Any other Osmaniacs out there?


    I have read the first one a gentle, fun read. I will read the next one on my holidays in January.


      Originally posted by Gary Betts View Post
      I have read the first one a gentle, fun read. I will read the next one on my holidays in January.
      Me too. Perfect summer reading down here, on the sand as the Pacific gently rolls in



        another enjoyable romp with the oldies from Coopers Crossing retirement home. This time spies coming back from the cold, mafia, rescue dogs and surprising romances. Great to catch up with old friends. Mirren will play Elizabeth, Caine to play Ron, in the Spielberg produced film.

        Touching and funny as the first book, has a final chapter that was stunningly emotional as the true meaning of the title was revealed. Completely out of the blue.

        Another triumph. Available at all good local bookstores.
        "Use them or lose them".


          I don't know of this series, but I will recommend a couple other cozy mystery series I love.

          A Vish Puri mystery - Tarquin Hall
          The Case of the Missing Servant
          The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing
          The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken
          The Case of the Love Commandos
          The Case of the Reincarnated Client

          I have a thing for mystery series set in India and these are so well-written, I love all the characters and there are a lot of insights regarding the country and its' constituents. Funny, touching, and more than a bit thrilling, perhaps more cozy mystery adjacent since they are all set in the bustling city of Delhi and also other environs.

          The other is Kerry Greenwood's Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries - Gilly, have you read any of those? It was also a TV series. I love them, I'm about halfway through the books, as the latest installment was published just last year. I love all the characters and the way Greenwood works in various historical elements is quite entertaining. I also enjoyed her Corinna Chapman series but Phryne has my heart forever. The audiobook adaptations are also a lot of fun, Stephanie Daniels is a wonderful narrator.
          my labor of love (and obsessive research)


            Great suggestions. I married into an Indian family so those Puri mysteries should be entertaining.

            As for Miss F. Have only seen the TV shows. There's even a different series based on her sassy niece set in the sixties. Like the Melbourne locations as I was born there and have many cousins there. Nice gold rush architecture.

            And of course. A Passage to India is a great psychological mystery. Beautifully written.