Monday. US Western time. 2pm San Diego Naval Base

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Biden. Albanese. Sunak.

An historic moment.

A line in the sand.

Australia to buy 3 Virginia class nuclear powered submarines. Not to carry nuclear weapons though.

Australia to develop UK/US designed new SSN AUKUS submarines to be built in Australia.

The second only time the US has shared their nuclear propulsion technology.

Makes me think of my late father. He would've turned 100 this April. He worked 40 odd years in the Department of Defence- Naval supply. I wonder how he would feel today?

He fought in New Guinea. As a very young man. He drove American generals around Port Moresby in jeeps.

A line in the sand? Noone wants war. But right now you have to pick a side. Unfortunately. China gifted Australia the now infamous 14 demands. A case of wolf warrior diplomacy that was due to our hardline call for an investigation into covid origin.

Xi has been revealin' himself and the CCP in front of our eyes for at least 10 years. Pax America has lulled us to sleep for generations.

Sydney's most respected broadsheet. The Sydney Morning Herald ran a special expert led investigation into possible Chinese movement on Taiwan. Most experts agreed it would occur by 2027. Some critics called it war mongerin'. Former PM Kevin Rudd, former diplomat in Beijing and now the new Ambassador in Washington, who speaks Mandarin has said diplomacy must be highest priority. Otherwise a hot war will again occur in East Asia.

China's economy is slowin', population agin' rapidly, the West is distracted by the Ukraine invasion. The window for takin' back Taiwan is closin' accordin' to some security experts.

Hopefully the democracies like India and Indonesia who play both sides will choose wisely.

A momentous day in our history.