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    I see I now have full bars and I am officially a Super Yes Fan. Pretty sweet indeed!! My wife seemed somewhat confused when I told her I'm kind of a big deal now!!


      Originally posted by RelayerI View Post
      A Ukranian family of seven being accommodated in a hotel near Dudley have just been on TV saying they wish they'd stayed in Kharkiv despite it being heavily bombed.

      Some of us have to fucking live here permanently Matey !

      Dudley - (unfavourably) twinned with Kharkiv...
      Click image for larger version

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      Looks alright. What do they want? More ducks?


        Originally posted by Gilly Goodness View Post

        Looks alright.
        This less so.
        Click image for larger version

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          In fairness that's due for demolition - it might already be gone, but Dudley, like most of the Black Country is slowly recovering post industrial desolation. And the recovery is stalling.


            Originally posted by cjreyes View Post
            I kind of smiled when I noticed the politics forum is gone.
            Yep. Like I said, I feel safer now.
            my labor of love (and obsessive research)


              Originally posted by luna65 View Post

              Yep. Like I said, I feel safer now.
              I don't really know what to say about this other than you cannot make it up. LOL and smiling at the same time


                It was such a beautiful sunny spring day I went for a long walk, across Evington Golf Course (there's a public footpath), Shady Lane Arboretum (which was a POW camp for German and Italian prisoners in the Second World War), the fields off Southmeads Lane (owned by the University, used to be sports fields, but now they have new facilities the fields have been left to return to nature), and the University Botanic Gardens. I don't know how far I walked but I listened to The Yes Album, Fragile, Close to the Edge, the first half of Tales, and Relayer. The final notes of To Be Over played as I opened my front door getting home, my timing was that good!
                In one of the fields off Southmeads Lane, I was overwhelmed by I Get Up I Get Down, and as it approached the climactic church organ bit I started dancing and spinning in the long grass looking up at a flawless azure sky. I got quite tearful and emotional. A beautiful day, with beautiful music, and nature in its new attire.
                Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
                Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.


                  Nice Ash. A spring ramble 'cross you green and pleasant land. Son and I had a Friday hike along and around the Cooks River. Saw a gaggle of young cormorants fishin' in unison. Thought they were solitary. Pelicans also plentiful due to La Nina's deluges.

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                    For me, running 10 km on the beach followed by 30 pushups 2 weeks after coming down with covid was something to smile about.


                      Remember when PM Boris bowled over a poor Japanese kiddie playin'rugby at the world cup?

                      Well over night our pentecostal knobhead PM Scott Morrison bowled over a poor Tasmanian kiddie playin'soccer.

                      What's up with these fossil fueled conservative knobheads and sport? It was like ScoMo told Bojo "hold my beer".

                      Anyhoo made me smile. Luca is alright. Good boy. Been on the Mornin' Show. Mentioned on Fallon.

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                          Teal is Real!


                            Albo + Teals = a Better Future!


                              A CHANGE HAS COME

                              Just now. The Federal Labor Party led by Anthony Albanese, raised by a single mother in a public housing flat, is the new Prime Minister of Australia.
                              What does this mean? A centre left government that will work to benefit all Australians, regardless of class or race. They will be strong
                              on national security and new renewable energy opportunities. And why do I know this?

                              THE RISE OF THE TEAL WAVE

                              it used to be called the doctor's wife vote. Affluent, intelligent women who voted instead on social issues. About 10 Teal independants have won safe Tory seats.
                              These are former Tory voters who are disgusted by Scott Morrison and his fossil fuel paymasters. They have targetted inner city moderate Tories who have sided with the more right wing
                              side of the Tories over denial of climate change.
                              They have been routed.
                              The Greens have also gained votes.
                              Their preferences to the Labor Party have decimated Tories. They both will keep Labor honest on climate change. The fundamental issue of this election.

                              The Tories usual scare campaign has not resonated. Albanese has stumbled on detail at times, but is a decent man who famously guided the Gillard government through a hung parliament.
                              He is a man for the times. He lives around the corner from me. Barracks for the wrong rugby league side but no one is perfect.

                              This is a proud moment for me. My family. We've had some emotional phonecalls tonight.
                              Both my sister and brother voted Green.

                              Teal is a mix of Tory blue with a green climate change hue.

                              The third parties have triumphed. Along with Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party.

                              So I raise my glass of Bundaberg Rum and coke to the people of Australia.!

                              Made me smile. A lot. A night for the true believers!

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                                Originally posted by alex peters View Post

                                I don't really know what to say about this other than you cannot make it up. LOL and smiling at the same time
                                Hahaha. Yeah. Unreal. Lol.