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Happy 40th anniversary!

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    Happy 40th anniversary!

    Congrats to Geoff, Steve, Carl and John's estate with the 40th anniversary of Asia's debut album. An album that represents landmark in pop/rock history.


    YES, er, I mean ASIA!

    ​​​​​​Certainly like most folks, and I would think more so who appreciate music, there are periods in our lives that are defined by events, and music that truly define chapters in our lives. Probably much more so in our youth.

    To me, musically, nothing can, nor will beat my memories of the late's 70s when in middle school. There was so much going on.

    The next chapter was after I had first discovered YES, and returned home to the states to earn school credits. When my siblings and mother returned six months later we made our way up north to visit relatives who had something new in their limited cable market called MTv. In subsequent trips, I recorded hours of MTv on VHS tapes.

    Yes, I was impressed by the Buggles, Video Killed the Radio Star. I had thought to myself back then, that I would never meet the keyboard player. Someone now I have had many interactions with, and who remembers my name, and what I have written. Geoff loves his fans. I had zero idea about Drama, or that Geoffrey Downes and Trevor Horn had been in YES. Some folks say not to meet your heroes, but it was certainly a pleasure to first meet Geoff and Carl. Two of the nicest blokes one could find in the music business.

    Anyhow, Heat of the Moment with a great, groundbreaking video came out, and others soon followed. Great song, great playing, great backing vocals, and solid pros in the buisiness, with very heavy rotation. Of course I was enamoured by Steve first. I bought a ticket to go see Jon at a bar in Boston, the first former YES man I could see, but sold my ticket at the door, as I was too young to get in. Steve on MTV, playing some chords and blistering fretwork, while looking very confident, and singing too, with an exciting album, at a prefect youthful time for me; Perfect! YES, even I knew this was far away from progressive music that was in their bloodlines, but who cared at this point. It was exciting and new, and mixed well, though maybe a bit too trebly. This was technically my first thing YES-related, and something completely different from YES, that opened the door to dozens and dozens of other shows and projects.

    Geoff was the first to sign my A YESFAN plate when I went to XM studios with Original ASIA reunion.

    I also got to tell Geoff later, at a YES M&G that ASIA music was/is just as important to me as He was deeply touched, I could tell after I said that.

    That being said ( and much more ) , I LOVE ME SOME ASIA, and ASIA shows! Hell, I don't believe I've seen my wife rarely so happy as attending an ASIA Omega show at the Birchmere, and that:s saying something.

    Go, Geoff! Go, ASIA! Here's hoping they play venues near me without vaccine mandates.
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      Happy Anniversary, /ASIA\!!!

      (That 1982 debut album remains, to my ears, the #1 best album of ALL-TIME.)

      -John Wetton? CHECK.
      -Steve Howe? CHECK.
      -Geoffrey Downes? CHECK.
      -Carl Palmer? CHECK.
      -Mike Stone/producer? CHECK.
      -Greatest "supergroup" of all-time? CHECK.



        Don't forget...

        Roger Dean? Classic dragon cover? CHECK.