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    For those who like the John Payne Asia, there's a relatively new John Payne project under the name John Payne & The Loco Crew - a full instrumental album featuring Payne on guitars, bass and some 'boards, with various other players, some of which may have appeared with Asia Featuring John Payne and some that work with him in his own Loco Studios, I think. It's called 'Vol. 1', so I assume they recorded more or plan to eventually record more and release a volume 2. Sorry, I have trouble linking stuff, so you'll have to look it up, but I think it's been out a couple months now. Comes in a thin digipack, or you can download it.

    No Payne vocals, all instrumental. 7 tracks, all relatively lengthy - 6 to 11 minutes. Not really a 'jam' album with just noodling either - these are compositions for the most part, with sections and bits. Kinda glossy in places, with synth pads and spacey moments, kinda Floydy in spots. Some rockin' stuff too. It's not bad stuff at all - if you like decent instrumental rock without the shredder vibe or some of the instrumental bits from the Payne Asia albums, or even Wakeman's The Red Planet, you may like this too. I was listening to it in the mountains drivin' around late at night with everything closed, and just fit - it's night music, though not necessarily nighty-night music. Good playing, solos, atmospheres, Payne handles a lot of the lead guitar himself, and he's quite a good player.

    I know there was supposed to be an Asia Featuring John Payne album that I've haven't heard anything about since this time last year, and he's got Dukes Of The Orient, so this surprise release is better than nothin'. It just sort of appeared out of nowhere, had no idea he was even working on it. Check it out! Instrumental John Payne album.
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