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The Next De-Mix Tracks?

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    The Next De-Mix Tracks?

    I have no issues with using emerging audio technology we have available to improve early Beatle recordings when multi-tracks are limited or non-existent! -( Not just Beatles- the Beach Boys material could be looked at as well) Personally think they could have gone much further with some of the remixes - better effects and some correction here and there- But I was thinking after the success of the deconstruction and remixing of Revolver- what should be tackled next?? Personally I would love to hear this technology applied to Free as a Bird and Real Love - they only have to separate John's voice and his piano- I loved the tracks and thought they did an amazing job with what they had at the time. So why not give these two a go and with the latter, slow it back down to the original speed!
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    Yes, great idea, the Threetles songs would benefit a lot. I’m sure Jeff Lynne would jump at the chance to redo his work.

    I wouldn’t know what other songs though. But that’s mainly because I don’t care much about ​​early Beatles. For me, they really started with Rubber Soul. So I’m very curious how that album will turn out after de-mixing.