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  • Vegas Residency

    Has anyone seen Sting at his Caesars Residency???

    We planned to go previously before a run was postponed and couldn’t make it this October or November. All booked for next summer though. Fingers crossed. I love Vegas, my wife loves Sting 😁

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    We Will finally be heading back to Vegas in June. Been since 2019, feels like a lifetime. At least one ole Sting show on the docket on the trip planned. Well , that’s the only thing planned in the trip. We will wing the rest as usual. Pretty excited for first real jaunt somewhere in quite a while.

    Although - I will say - every time I Get excited about something, even as trivial as hanging in a bar or hitting the diner or the next live show - I immediately think how trivial what I am doing is compared to what the folks in Ukraine are going through. Quite the conundrum lately. Not that mans inhumanity to man is new, but since I got
    out of the rat race, I have far too much time to dwell and “feel” what is going on.

    Anywho, as far as the thread, i started, and is obv not to popular 😂😂. Lookin forward to Sting in Vegas in June ( and also in NJ in May). My wife loves him. And He does put on a good show.


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      Sting is ok in my book, more of his solo songs in my collection than The Police...

      And he’s welcome in my Palace, obviously.


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        Well, he’s coming around again, the man never stops, gotta hand it to him. All around the world again and again. So - yep - we have AC, NJ Tix again. My wife is very happy !!! 🥰. Not until Sept though.