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Iron Maiden Tour 2022

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    Iron Maiden Tour 2022

    Anybody have plans , or Tix already, to see Maiden in 2022 in your respective country/region of your country.

    They are playing in NJ, USA about an hour from me. Most Tix gone already, I’m behind, lol. It’s a long way off in Oct, but I am contemplating it!!!!!

    maybe take that money I’m getting back for billy idol and blow in this instead 😆😆😆

    edit: Contemplation completed - Got em 👍! Let’s hope they all stay healthy now. Wife and I gotta sit separate ugh. Only 1 WC seat left in the whole arena. No companions left. Lol. Looking forward to this one - 39 yrs since I saw em last!
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    They're still an excellent live band!



      This was their Rock in Rio show in 2019, the last year they toured before the pandemic and the tour they'll continue this year.


        There is a stadion-show here scheduled for July 2nd, I am interested, if it is going to happen. I like their newer albums more than their earlier stuff. So That's a reason, never saw them before.


          A bit off topic, but i didn’t want to create a new Iron Maiden thread -

          Can anyone lead me to a site where you can download Maiden concerts? Similar to the Remy site for Yes shows - I can’t do the upload/trade/etc, I don’t have anything new and I have little patience 😁.

          I trying to get the August 19, 1983 show from the Spectrum, Philadelphia. Or in absence of that one close.

          Thx in advance. Back to the Relayer/CTTE discussion 😂.


            Had to try and sell my seats for the Newark NJ show. 😞. Sold my accessible seat through Ticketmaster already which was a surprise. But, Still trying to sell my single seat at a little more……to break even on the fees. 🤞🤞