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Spandau Floyd or Pink Ballet?

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  • Spandau Floyd or Pink Ballet?

    Gotta say, fun to see Nick Mason and Gary Kemp on brekky telly spruikin' their tour downunder.
    Playin' only early Syd-Floyd. Kemp has said he was into Floyd and YES as a teenager.

    Now I only explored early Syd-Floyd recently. Very experimental. YES' debut was pure pop compared to all that.

    Will be playin' small Enmore Theatre.

    Another chapter in Floyd history? True. 😉

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    The Saucers have been going since 2018, they make for a refreshing anecdote to the continuing saga of Which One's Pink? lol. They have a live album/DVD combo out too from last year? Maybe the year before. They'll never have the draw of the other two but Nick wisely inhabits the gap without complaint and because I think it is good to pay tribute to all of Floydian history.
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      The Saucers are incredible live & as a huge fan of the early Floyd, the set list is stellar.


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        Saw Nick Mason's Saucer a couple years ago - very cool. Everything pre-Dark Side O' the Moon. Early Floyd/Syd is more my speed these days, I've gotten kinda sick of the old Waters/Gilmour Dark Side/Wish You Were Here/Wall/Lapse etc, I think my favorite is actually Piper. I'm glad Nick Mason is bringing back the early more psychedelic/weird Floyd after so long.


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          Originally posted by Gilly Goodness
          Kemp has said he was into Floyd and YES as a teenager.
          But then grew over it for more mature music?


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            Originally posted by Ceasar’s Palace

            But then grew over it for more mature music?
            True! *

            [*this is a joke, for those people don't know spandau ballet songs...]


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              I can't stand early Floyd or Spandau Ballet, so I guess this isn't for me...


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                Live at the Roundhouse BluRay/CD is superb. Saw Saucerful of Secrets in Nottingham in 2018. Loved it to bits. After only seeing Pink Floyd once, on the Animals Tour at Stafford in 77, I'd never dared hope I'd get to hear any pre-Dark Side Floyd live which, since sometime in the 80s, has become the only Floyd I find wholly pleasing, save Animals.
                Dark Side and Wish You Were Here have worn a bit thin for me, over-familiarity and unwarranted veneration is probably why, and I've never been able to stand The Wall. I don't know anything of what they did after that. My favourite Pink Floyd album is A Saucerful of Secrets.
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