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    Originally posted by Ash Armstrong View Post

    I think his lack of interest in the whole thing is genuine, not sour grapes or envy, from what I've read and heard. As a European I find it an odd kind of set up, but it seems to occupy a lot of people's attention within the US, though why that is isn't something I've troubled to look into. I personally don't see the point of it at all, but I have the same view of honours and awards and titles and such over here anyway.
    As near as I can figure, the RRHOF is a promotional device to bolster the standings of artists that the producers and distributors can still squeeze profits from.


      RRHOF isn't something a lot of bands take too seriously, really. A lot of the time they only want to get in because their fans want it. I think people realize that long term success with album sales, musical innovation, successful tours and a good fanbase is a better gage of being 'Rock & Roll' enough than whether they are accepted by a panel of critics and hipsters. Artists realize being in the RRHOF isn't the be all pinnacle of their career, and aren't really bothered too much if a gangsta rap guy or a one-hit wonder squeaks in first. Lesser, 'cooler' and more current artists have gotten in quicker than a lot of more deserving artists, but it seems to be how they operate.

      So really, nobody really takes it all to seriously over here - people just like awards shows and Grammys and stuff. Usually RRHOF waits until somebody croaks, then it's all 'rock & roll legend' and 'visionary icon' and all that. I'm sure that if Jon Anderson was found dead in a tub od'd on azalea and peony dust or if Steve joined a cult and slew his family with a Gibson Les Paul, Yes would have been in there way sooner. Your chances are higher if you can be perceived as a rock & roll rebel. RRHOF does occupy some attention here, but really because people like awards shows and seeing people in tuxedos. RRHOF can't be taken too seriously, but I suppose they can't put in all the legendary groups and artists in at the same time, can they? I'm not even sure who's up for it this time this year, haven't kept up.
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        My two cents on RRHOF. It’s a business. It’s an entertainment venue, an attraction, to visit. That’s all.

        Now - did I want YES inducted? Absolutely. Cause, when I eventually find my self in Cleveland (😳) for whatever reason, in my travels, I will visit, and I want to see some Yes Stuff!! Wear a shirt, take my obligatory thumbs up photo in front of a display, etc.

        id like to see elp, and deep purple, and Iron Maiden get in. Yeah. Cause i like them! But I don’t feel less about em if they don’t, and I don’t listen to jay z cause he did get in. Not my cup of tea, but it’s somebodys. It’s a business for them. Just a casual afternoon stroll thru for me.

        I cant comment on an individual artists desire. Sure it’s diff for all.

        ***Oh, and yeah, with The Police in there, I gotta have some semblance of equal ground in my household with the Mrs’ band. 😂😂😂😆😆😆😉😉😉🤣***