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The Return of Unitopia

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  • The Return of Unitopia

    Legendary Aussie proggers return with powerful new song.

    "Something Invisible"

    Singer Mark "Truey" Truack and keyboardist Sean Timms are back with added Chester Thompson on drums....

    Think song is about Truey's health scare. Cancer I think from memory. Or somethin' heart related lookin' at the album cover 🤔

    Spose the longer us boomers live, the more these kind of reflective songs will be created. Assisted Prog, anyone? 😉

    Also tourin' Europe soon. No UK dates unfortunately. A Progstock date in NJ though.

    Sean Timms may be the busiest man in prog. Plays for Damanek, Southern Empire and Unitopia. Produces many other bands in his Adelaide studio.

    Have met Truey as he is is mates with a few of the old Aussie Yesfans. Brian Draper etc. Nice guy. His voice is holdin' up well.

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    Mark is a genuine nice guy with some solid beliefs. He first approached me when he saw me in a hotel hallway at ROSfest, after he spied my YES concert tee. We started talking about Igor, I guess I had been assuming and pronouncing Igor’s name wrong the entire time, or is that just a Australian, English or Swedish- thing? ;-)

    Those few minutes turned into more. It is a gift meeting folks, complete strangers, listening, sharing, and getting to know them a bit at a deeper level. Mark shared with me as a young man, he didn’t have the opportunities he would have liked to have. Part of that was finding work as a young man. One of his first jobs was going out on a whaling boat. He deeply regretted it, it haunted him, and he knew than and there he could try and do better for the environment, and the animals.