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DAVID BOWIE - Rank Albums By Phase/Persona/Era

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    DAVID BOWIE - Rank Albums By Phase/Persona/Era

    DAVID BOWIE - rank the albums by phase/persona/era

    The Thin White Duke has a lot of albums, but let's rank them by each era or whatever guise he was in at the time(Ziggy/glam years, Berlin era, pop years etc.). Should be easy, each phase had its own sound, which he discarded when moving on to the next one. Flip, you could even rank 'em by haircut. So here we go:

    EARLY BOWIE (psychedelia, folk, singer-songwriter):
    1) Hunky Dory
    2) Man Who Sold The World
    3) Space Oddity/David Bowie
    4) David Bowie(early stuff, Laughing Gnome etc)

    GLAM ROCK(well, that would be the platform boots, glitter everywhere and a lightning bolt painted on your face era of course)
    1)Ziggy Stardust
    2)Aladin Sane

    PLASTIC SOUL (r&b, soul & disco)
    1)Station To Station
    2)Diamond Dogs(well, this could be in the glam category too, but it was leaning to the next phase heavily)
    3)Young Americans

    BERLIN TRILOGY(new wave, Berlin-school electronic, ambient)
    3)Scary Monsters(not part of the trilogy, but stylistically like it, sans the Eno/German electronic element. Closer to the trilogy than Lets Dance and it caps off his RCA years)

    80'S BOWIE(pop, new wave, r&b)
    1)Never Let Me Down (general consensus is that this is the worst thing he ever did in the universe, a view believed by Bowie himself as well. But its a fun album for me - not too overbearing, nice keyboards, snappy and catchy stuff, Bowie's voice sounds great on it. I think people are just told not to like it, but that's just me. I know its not a grand musical statement from him or anything, I just dig it.)
    2)Let's Dance
    4)Labyrinth soundtrack(actually only half his, but I included it.)

    TIN MACHINE(punk, grunge, Iggy Pop style, hard rock - only two albums)
    1)Tin Machine II(the more Bowie-r of the two)
    2)Tin Machine I

    90'S BOWIE(electronica, industrial, hiphop, techno, atmospheric)
    1)Outside (dark and scary concept album that I only pull out once in a blue. But possibly the best realized of the batch)
    3)Black Tie White Noise(should have been more of a hit at the time)
    4)Buddha Of Suburbia(on another day, I may place this higher)

    NEW MILLENIUM (resurgence, neoclassicism, art rock)
    3)Toy (recorded in 2001 but only released recently)

    1) Blackstar (released two days before he died, but what a last album. It took time to grow on me. Sad to know we won't hear his voice on any new songs again)
    2)The Next Day

    So, rank them how you like them.

    A couple of years ago I had a private one-man listening party of Bowie, and was pleasantly surprised with the Tin Drum material.

    I loved the early stuff, but never really warmed up to the Dance tracks, even though many of 'em were very catchy.


      ​ orry, as I am allowed to rank them how I like, I just give you my top ten of Bowie

      1: Low
      2: Young Americans
      3; Heroes
      4: Lodger
      5: Scary Monsters
      6: Station To Station
      7: Buddha Of Suburbia
      8: Aaddin Sane
      9: Outside
      10: Hunky Dory​


        I loved Young Americans and Let's Dance since they came out, and they are always one of my first offline downloads. I also enjoyed Darkstar and random other bits throughout but I probably need to pick some albums out for listening.


          My preferences don't quite break down into complete eras. But nearly :

          1) Heroes
          2) Low
          3) Scary Monsters
          4) Ziggy Stardust
          5) Aladdin Sane
          6) Diamond Dogs
          7) Space Oddity