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    "We all gotta climb mountains!" - Jon Anderson 2003

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    The song in the original post is about a father and a daughter who become estranged, from the perspective of a parent of an adult child.

    It reminded me a little bit of Wilson Phillips' "Flesh and Blood", which is about a similar estrangement, but the from the perspective of the adult children:

    I also thought of Beckley-Lamm-Wilson's "Like a Brother". Apparently, the song was mostly written by an outside writer with the idea of Carl Wilson singing it, implicitly about Brian Wilson. The writer was kind of tentative in bringing it up, and told Wilson to feel free to reject it if it was too personal or misrepresented his feelings in a way that made him uneasy with singing it, because of what it would be assumed to be addressing, but Wilson liked the song and agreed to sing it:

    Beckley-Lamm-Wilson of course only had the one album because Carl Wilson passed away.

    I've kind of been surprised that Wilson-Phillips have only had two albums of original material, though, just two years apart. Everything else has been albums of covers or holiday albums. One would think they'd have more to say musically, or at least have bought previously unreleased songs from outside writers, at some point. They sounded good, and their first album sold a lot of copies.

    One thing that kind of surprises me about this topic is that there are very few songs that really say "This is for the best.". All the songs (When speaking of family other than spouses or ex-spouses) I know of are either wanting to end the estrangement, or are presenting conflicting feelings. I know it goes against the grain of most of the cultures in places where this type of music is popular, but estrangement really is sometimes the best thing and some people really are better off without certain other people in their lives, flesh and blood or not. It'd be interesting to hear some songs that take that position. Anyone know of any?

    As far as the song in the original post goes, I think it's adequate as a song. It's nothing that wants to make me get the forthcoming album, but also nothing that would discourage me from getting it for some of the other tracks if they interested me.
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    "A lot of the heavier conversations I was having with Chris toward the end were about his desire for this thing to go forward. He kept reiterating that to me. [...] He kept telling me, 'No matter what happens, Yes needs to continue moving forward and make great music. So promise me that that's something you want to do.'. And I have to keep making music. It's just what I do. [...] I'm a fan of the band and I want to see it thrive and that means new music." -Billy Sherwood


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      Love the info Thank you!
      "We all gotta climb mountains!" - Jon Anderson 2003


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        Nice vocal harmonies.


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          Morse is touring with his band (including Portnoy) and also Transatlantic. Started already. Both in US and Europe.


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            Estrangement in families. Interesting theme.

            She's Leaving Home has to be one of the most emotional pop songs there is. Is it for the best she goes? Why does she do it in secret? What has been happening?

            U2's Sometimes You can't Make it on Your Own is another emotional killer. Estrangement between father and son. When Bono sings "you're the reason there's opera in me" I can relate the experience to my da as he loved playing aria records. What we used to call The Generation Gap.
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