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    Originally posted by alex peters

    Yes. Agreed. All the Genesis material comes across better live IMO. Especially the Peter Genesis.
    My favorite Genesis live album is "Live at the Rainbow 1973" included on the live boxset. Genesis at its peak during the Gabriel years.


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      Originally posted by michelforest

      The album was recorded at two shows (Manchester and Leicester) during the Foxtrot tour, so it wasn't as if they had a stash of live recordings to choose from.

      According to the setlist from both nights, the only track cut from the LP was Supper's Ready. They didn't play two hour shows at the time. The setlist was: Watcher-Musical Box-Get'em Out-Supper-Hogweed and The Knife.

      So if you have a recording of the "test pressing" that can be found on the net, you have the full show.

      As for "Stagnation", "Fountain of Salmacis" and "Can-Utily": Stagnation and Fountain were dropped quite early on. According to comments found in my book "Genesis: The Peter Gabriel Years", "Fountain" didn't go down well with audiences. As for "Can-Utility", it seems like they were never happy with the live version.
      Hogweed was from Manchester, the rest from DMH.
      Genesis Live was my introduction to them back in 73. A friend bought it and I recorded it into my father's reel-to-reel tape recorder and played it constantly. In mono. Bought the single of I Know What I Like on release, followed by Selling England.
      Several times I've seen Hackett here in Leicester, he usually mentions Genesis Live being recorded here.
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        The full Rainbow show from the Selling England tour, which was recorded then not released officially, is also excellent.