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ELP Old Grey Whistle Test Works Era Video?

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  • ELP Old Grey Whistle Test Works Era Video?

    An video extract of ELP during the works tour is on youtube- What is quite special ist that is without the orchestra! This is clearly a professional shoot as it has multiple cameras and a timecode- I have a VHS of this being shown on the Old Grey Whistle Test on the BBC with Bob Harris- and its clearly during the Works tour- Its a great bit of history- Does anyone know anything about it-
    It is clearly several generations but I would assume a master exists, or existed, somewhere? It would be great to have a pristine edit available of ELP close to. their prime!

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    Memphis TN 1977. One of the late Works Tour shows after they let the orchestra go. I've seen better footage but can't remember where, maybe an old VHS from a collector or swap meet?


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      Im surprised that we dont know more about this. I recall when they had the late Tony Ortiz as curator, they supposedly were looking for unreleased videos and the like for the Birth of a Band- documentary- but as I say this video- and thats to Yesjim for confirming where it was filmed- but its timecoded and multi- camera- this isnt a semi-pro shoot- maybe thats all there is- maybe the original has the supposed ELPowell MTV video... they were still in their prime- during these periods- I just think that the shows- from 92... werent as good and after that--- It woudl have been great to see them in their prime- I wonder if AI could clean up the Japan show??