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Live Dates - 2022

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  • Live Dates - 2022

    Lots of live dates set for 2022. And a few in my area. 😊👍.

    I’m hoping all is well in 2022 for live shows. If covid doesn’t shut us down, and there isn’t a blizzard, I’m goin!!

    Doesn’t look promising right now. But Fingers crossed 🤞🤞

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    I am really looking forward to the announcement of some Relayer Live shows in the US, and I hope there are a bunch within a rational traveling distance because I will gladly go to as many shows close to home as I can. We have tickets for the show in Cork but that might be a bit much at this point time will tell but at least we have them if they decide not to play Relayer here. It's going to take quite a bit to keep me from seeing this album played live one last time...


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      Things are starting to loosen up a bit in the US so better days look to be in the way. Encouraging for the tours, and more importantly peoples health all around. This may be a good year for shows after all!!