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  • Leonard Bernstein 2023

    In the leadup to Bradley Cooper's film of his life, where the world will be reminded of this complex genius, been watchin' this and other docos. Extraordinary man. Handsome. Looks very like Cooper so
    perplexed why he needed the controversial prosthetic nose? Courtin' trouble I would've thought.
    But then again our Nicole won an oscar with one. So there's that.

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    Very Jewish composer, was surrounded by Yiddish music and dance as a child. Bisexual. Amazin' how he and that other gay Jewish man, Aaron Copland somehow wrote about
    the wide open spaces and diverse heterosexual characters. West Side. Which began as East Side.
    Italian-Americans. Puerto Ricans. Cowboys etc....

    Now Spielberg rightly celebrated West Side with his recent film. But I think Bernstein the man
    will become known to whole new audiences with the film by Cooper. He likes music
    bios doesn't he? Another oscar nomination? His tenth??

    Fun fact: Though not related to Elmer Bernstein. ( born Burnsteen ) they were friends and had nicknames in their friendship circle. Bernstein West for Elmer and Bernstein East for Leonard who was based in NY whereas Elmer was based in LA doin' film soundtracks. Perhaps the harbinger of that other nickname YesWest. (?) 😉



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    I like Bernstein a lot: great composer and charming man. I love the movie West Side Story (the old one), one of may favourite movie ever (as a teenager I had a crush for the character of Tony). I saw the musical on stage in Italy (fortunately it was an American production), and it was wonderful. I love musical, not only Yes


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      Apparently the family are ok with it and said something like: he had a big beautiful nose and that's just fine.

      Only two things come to my mind about him, both positive:
      - the excellent music of Westside Story
      - his popular classical music lessons for tv
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