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Sparks and Cate Blanchett : super cool video

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    Sparks and Cate Blanchett : super cool video

    Enjoy : So much more creativity than country side scenes with scrolling Lyrics

    I'm expecting Cate's routine to be the next TikTok viral dance craze. šŸ‘
    my labor of love (and obsessive research)


      Iā€™m disappointed, I thought we were going to get a cover of Galadriel covering The Who.


        So nice to see a fellow Sparksfans here! I am unabashed when it comes to my love for Sparks, they've been one of my very favorite bands since the early '70s.

        Love the new song and video, especially when Ron cleans up his spilled coffee. And Cate's dancing is hilarious.

        I've found that some folks who've not heard them since their original heyday can't get past the idea that they are a novelty act.
        Thing is they have recorded and released over twenty albums through the years and have displayed a steady progression in their art.

        If you listen to some of the early album tracks such as "Bon Voyage", "Equator", "Don't Leave Me Alone With Her", "The Louvre" and more
        you get an example of Ron Mael's sophisticated musicality and Russell's amazing singing. Not to be taken lightly, there's some seriously well developed
        song writing happening.

        I posted a few links here to their 2020 album "A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip" for discussion when it came out but nobody seems to have responded.
        While they are not known as a progressive act, their music has progressed impressively over more than 50 years of output.

        They are not musically the same band as they were in the '70s and '80s. There are some wild surprises if you dive into their later output.
        Highly recommended...
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