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  • Genesis - The Last Domino

    Caught the first US show in Chicago last night. Fantastic!!

    I knew the music would be outstanding but wasn't sure about Phil's voice after seeing a few YouTubes of the few earlier UK dates. I was completely surprised at how well and strong he sang. It sounded great to me! It was a tremendous show. The same setlist as far as I could tell. The sound was well-mixed for the large United Center, and it rocked!

    I'm really glad that I traveled from AZ to Chicago for the show! Finally got to see Genesis - it was well worth the cost and time to make the show. If you get the chance, I would say not to miss what may be the final tour...

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    Glad you had a nice experience, would love to see them if they come to the States
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      John. They're in the States. Chicago.


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    Glad you enjoyed it! A truly special band
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      Yes, I'm glad it was a success - the youtube clips I saw made me feel a bit sad, so your experience has cheered me up!!!
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