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    Poison “Unskinny Bop”

    That guitar riff will circle around your head for days and days.
    “Well ain’t life grand when you finally hit it?”-David Lee Roth


      It's got a hook, for sure. My favorite of theirs songs is an old one, but it sounded far better live (or at least when we went to their shows on the Strip). It's like their most Aerosmith moment.

      But let's return to what I came here for, which was to say that this song is a banger although it may not seem so until the second half. I love Joji, though, he could sing anything and I'd be down for it.

      my labor of love (and obsessive research)


        Well, I have been up far too late, seeing as I have to work in a few hours. My wonderful girl turns eighteen today. I don't know where the time went, but I always made sure I was there for her.

        I was checking out some songs that made me tear up, but this one by Michael Bolton just opened up the spigots and the tears have been flowing .

        I'm going to try and embarrass her later tonight to get the football announcer to announce it's her birthday and that I've always been proud of her!




          Absolute dead set banger!!! Great British band. Pan sexual. Naughty but nice. Molko has one of the greatest pop-rock voices. The phrasin'.
          Again. Aural heroin.

          51,000,000 views. Not too shabby.

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            Actually first heard this emotional banger. On Rick Wakeman's Planet Rock show. Amazin' climax.
            Poignant if you've had to go down corridors to see your first child. Alone in a plastic crib with jaundice, luckily enough. Their very first day. Alone.

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              IN A BIG COUNTRY

              Big Country

              Was big hit here. Felt like U2 finally had a rival in the celtic rock field. Video was fun. Bagpipe guitar sound incredible.
              But just a rockin' joyful banger!!!

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                He may mess up the count-off. but the song is an all-time dead set banger. Video is kinda cool too.

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                  In celebration of Morocco's achievements at the World Cup: a classic karaoke/get the party started banger for the ages...East or West

                  Also one of the best Live bands I ever saw...

                  84 million views

                  ROCK THE CASBAH

                  The Clash

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                    Until my dyin' day
                    Until my dyin' day

                    LICENSE TO KILL

                    Gladys Knight

                    Starts with the Goldfinger intro. Then the Voice. The 2nd best Bond. Dead Set Banger.

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