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    Sorry Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. You didn't make #1 on the UK song chart this week with your collab. Pipped at the post by the theme song to the TV series Neighbours. The Great British public has spoken.

    Sung by Barry Crocker. It has come on the heels of the news that UK channel 5 will not renew it's production contract in June. No more soap from Ramsay Street. The show that gave the world in no particular order.

    Kylie Minogue
    Jason Donovan
    Guy Pierce
    Russell Crowe
    Margot Robbie
    Natalie Bassingthwaite
    Toadfish Rebecchi

    and my fave Harold Bishop, ol' Jelly Belly
    as Lou would say over a coffee at Lassiters.

    Haven't watched it for about 20 years. Filmed in Melbourne at an actual culdesac where UK tourists come by busloads. Many openly weeping when they arrive.

    Always big in the UK where grey skies and cold forced the folk to huddle around the warm telly. So popular they broadcast it twice a day so noone would miss it.

    But now in the age of streaming and new quotas for UK drama, channel 5 are goin'all in on All Creatures Great and Small. So forget sunshine and bbq's and get ready for hands up cows whatnots.

    Rumours now abound that RTE will rescue the show. Big in Ireland as well. So should we accept the old show dying a dignified demise or pray for a lifeline from the Emerald Isle?

    Because everybody needs good neighbours.
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    Ok in these uncertain times with lengthenin' shadows there is a bright ray of sunshine.

    As it wraps Kylie and Jason are returnin' for the final episode. The planets have indeed aligned!

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      The Planets are indeed alignin'!

      Breakin' news says Ol' Jelly Belly will be back for final episode. Harold Bishop for criminy's sake!

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      And my fave, that saucy minx Izzy. Natalie Bassingthwaite. Watch your blood pressure Dr Karl!

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        She's back in the overalls!!!

        Final episode soon.



          As Donna Freedman, the bisexual minx!!!!

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            When I left my proper job a decade back I found Mrs Relayer who works from home, watched it while having her lunch. I hadn't seen it for years. We fell into watching together. We still do.

            I'm not about to claim it's great - it is what it is and it's the only soap we watch. We're both ridiculously attached to it and it's really going to leave a hole in our day.



              Yeah. Don't think I've watched it since the 90's but used to cook and eat dinner with Mrs Goodness. Used to enjoy Toadfish and his nephew Stingray "Spiggin' nonsense!". Dr Karl and Izzy. Donna Freedman and everyone. It's silly suburban nonsense.

              Last episode will feature Toady's sixth weddin' and will bring EVERYONE back to Ramsay Street.

              Interestin' guests over the years Robbie Williams, Russel Brand, Shane Warne, Janet Street Porter.
              Will watch the final episode this Friday then your Brummie Comm Games with all public announcements by Allison Hammond!


                ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????


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                  No Spoilers.

                  It's over. Forever. ♥️


                    Just read the Live blog from the Guardian. The Poms are just now watchin'. Quite funny blog. The surprise? Actually that would be Guy Pierce's performance.

                    He could have phoned it in. He's a movie star. But he graciously gave it everythin' to woo Plain Jane Superbrain, back again. *

                    (Kylie Minogue was paid by the word it seems)

                    * I'm not cryin'. You're cryin'.

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