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Nurse Jackie and Breaking Bad

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  • Gtkgasman
    I saw first few Jackie episodes when first came out. Cause I like Falco. But I couldn’t get into it as it progressed and I faded out.

    I think im the only person on the planet who didn’t see any of Breaking Bad. 😆

    Must be something about a long series and my attention span but I usually see them starting well, good ideas, then As time goes, writers have to stretch.

    Hell. I just started watching Game of Thrones, and only made it through half of season 2. I guess it’s TV. If i can make it through Frank Herbert novels, why can’t I complete a series. 😂

    But I digress. I think I would like to go back and revisit the Jackie series at some point. My wife watched all of the greys anatomy from beginning to end (ugh). So maybe i can steal the on demand back and check it out. I’m sure Jackie is better than most al of the drivel on daily

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  • Ash Armstrong
    started a topic Nurse Jackie and Breaking Bad

    Nurse Jackie and Breaking Bad

    Not the most obvious pairing, admittedly.
    I'm within four episodes of the end of Nurse Jackie, and it occurred to me that, just as you start out rooting for Walter to begin with and end up disliking him intensely having lost all sympathy, the same is true of Jackie Peyton. I've read Edie Falco's relationship with Jackie followed a similar trajectory, and fought the producers to have Jackie die at the end, whereas they wanted an upbeat ending....