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    13 lives

    The Ron Howard film is due in August. Filmed in Australia fillin' in for Thailand. Starrin' Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen and Joel Edgerton.
    Movies filled with peril and heroism are made every week in Hollywood. Men with capes. Masks.

    Nope. The heroes in this film are ordinary people. Administrators that allowed outside help. Volunteer divers who flew to Thailand filled with dread.
    People actin' out of hope and duty but not expectin' a happy endin'.

    Remember, will never forget goin' to bed the night 6 were saved. Knowin' I could wake up and 7 had died. Had a huge knot in my stomach.
    Don't cry very easily. Father died. Mother died. The end of Slumdog Millionaire. Mother in law died. 4 times in 20 odd years.
    But wept with relief the next mornin'. Maybe because the boys looked like my son and his soccer team mates.

    So finally, after covid, the film is set to be released. Rang my sister who also was overcome. Trust Howard to tell the story well.
    What a story. Saved just before more Monsoonal rain fell. A coach who taught meditation for the boys to remain calm.
    An aneathetist who gambled.

    Here is the trailer...

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