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    I really only got into the show when it relaunched circa 2005. My favorite doctor is Christopher Eccleston. I basically like all the modern incarnations from that point on, which is now the last 17 years or so, if you can believe it.

    Still, even though I only rarely like kicking back and watching old school (pre-2005) Doctor Who (When I say rarely, I mean rarely as in sometimes I do enjoy it, not a euphemism for never), I was very pleased when they explicitly connected it all as canon for the newer stuff on-screen. There was some question when they first relaunched as to whether they were completely starting over, or if this was simply the 9th doctor and everything counted. I like that they decided to explicitly count the old doctors, including the one from the telemovie. I feel like it adds depth and history to the proceedings, and doesn't really limit them much. It's like a zero cost add of possibility and continuity. There aren't many stories you could tell with a rebooted "first doctor" that you can't tell with a doctor who's been around forever (There are remarkably few details about his/her/their life and times that can't sort of be recontexted on the fly to allow for whatever you want to do with the addition of a throwaway line or two explaining it.), but there are stories you wouldn't be able to tell with a new doctor who was the first doctor in a fresh universe.

    Part of the greatness of these old franchises is that you can do stuff like have a recap at the beginning of an episode that says "50 years ago on Doctor Who" or "50 years ago on Star Trek" (Something both have done at least once each) with old clips setting up a new episode the way other shows might say "Last week on [show name]".
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        So lots of new developments…

        David Tennant and Catherine Tate are coming back. The rumor is that Jodie Whittaker is going to regenerate into Tennant who will regenerate into Ncuti Gatwa after three specials with Gatwa taking over for the next full series of the show. Folks are freaking out, but I trust RTD. Anniversary specials wouldn’t seem like a great spot to try to launch a new Doctor so it’s smart to use the most popular new series Doctor. However, I’m glad they announced Gatwa first so that it is clear to fans that Tennant is not returning permanently.
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