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Which Yes & Genesis collaborations would you like to have seen?

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    Which Yes & Genesis collaborations would you like to have seen?

    I was wondering what sort of album a collaboration between Trevor Rabin & Peter Gabriel would have sounded like?

    Then I wondered about a combination of Jon Anderson & Tony Banks..

    Mmmm would Tony's classical style piano work have created something magical with Jon?

    Of course, there have been quite a few collaborations already between the two groups and former members.
    Off the top of my head we have already had:

    Peter Banks - worked with Phil Collins & Steve Hackett.
    Chris Squire - worked with Steve Hackett
    Steve Howe - worked with Steve Hackett
    Bill Bruford - worked with Genesis live tours
    Rick Wakeman - played live with Steve Hackett

    Have I missed any out?

    Or is there any other collaboration you would have liked to have seen?
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    I think it might have been interesting if Bill played on one of The Gabe's solo albums.
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      id just love to hear genesis and yes cover each others songs for a laugh, that'd be fun. Watcher of the Skies, watcher of all!
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        Realistically, the only one most likely to work with any Yes members is Steve Hackett, the most musically active of the Genesis lot. So far he's done at least something with Howe, Squire, Bruford, Peter Banks, Sherwood and Rick Wakeman, as well as some of those associated in some way to Yes like John Wetton and Tony Levin.

        I agree that a Gabriel album with Bill Bruford providing some percussives would have been interesting, I could have seen Bill and Phil on some sort of fusion project back in the day. I could have seen Phil appearing on some sort of Yes member's solo album in the mid 70's-early 80's. His drum kit got around a bit in those days. But I think more people from the Yes camp would be more likely to work with another 'brand' than those in the Genesis camp with the exception of Hackett. Phil can't play anymore, and the 'posh twins' Banks and Rutherford generally don't do sessions or ad-hoc supergroups.

        I propose a one-off album supergroup thingy on Insideout with Sherwood on bass, Hackett, Downes, Jay Schellen and maybe Ray Wilson on lead vocals. Use an outside producer. Keep the lead vocal mic and production away from Billy Sherwood, otherwise the album will end up sounding like a Sherwood/Arc Of Life/World Trade/Circa album. And also keep the keyboards away from Roger King, otherwise it would sound like a Hackett album. I love Roger King but he's not invited for this Hackett-related project. Release a digital single, whip up some lyric video, call the album 'Sojourns From The Garden Wall' or something like that. Three page article in Prog Magazine. Go from there.


          in the studSquire & Bruford backing Gabriel would have been good. Especially if they could stop him overproducing stuff in the studio.


            I'd have loved that sliding doors moment when Phil decided not to go for the Yes drum stool to have taken place. He would have been an excellent fit