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  • Esthe
    Originally posted by Gilly Goodness View Post
    I think he likes her 😍
    Sparks are flying, for sure.

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  • Gilly Goodness
    I think he likes her 😍

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  • Esthe
    He’s at it again!

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  • John Vehadija
    Twin Star Trust

    Your hand on my forehead opens my mind
    Showing me visions of our life
    Seeing reality revolve around us
    Seeing our souls evolve

    Your love calms my heartbeat
    Your love fills my body with joy
    I’m healing from a death seal
    The years when I felt lost

    The controller cage has been broken
    We are engaged to be married in spring
    My being’s transcending techno-realities
    Your smiling face brought me here

    Entertain for me the reality
    Where we help our soulgroup evolve
    Develop a fresh mentality
    Based on sincerity, trust and true love

    Heal me with your light royalty
    Hand me the crown left behind
    We are the kings of creation
    Coming home after a very long time

    The dress you wear looks so perfect
    Your hair feels like golden soft silk
    Your blue eyes are two shining jewels
    They’ve aways been looking for me

    And so I draw will and start walking
    After many years of staying in bed
    Your love resurrected my kingdom
    Without you today I’d be dead

    I’m grateful for every thought pattern
    That sewed the reality fabric again
    This time you were my movie director
    Bringing my soul back to life in the end

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  • Ceasar’s Palace
    Originally posted by Esthe View Post

    Maybe he is.
    No, it’s still light/river/talk-talk-talk...

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  • Esthe
    Originally posted by Ceasar’s Palace View Post
    Jon Anderson should seriously consider ‘hiring’ you as his ghost writer.
    Maybe he is.

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  • Ceasar’s Palace
    Jon Anderson should seriously consider ‘hiring’ you as his ghost writer.

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  • John Vehadija
    Myrrh Krai

    Only us can decide
    What is right in our lives
    Let eternal soul streams
    Manifest our dreams

    Let the truth of belief
    Heal the pain and the grief
    With one voice we’ll decide
    The true course of our lives

    Many children of light
    With parents and friends
    Many peaceful people
    Praying for a better day

    With a strong inner worth
    We’ll discover the plan
    To escape from the trap
    Realize we’re the same

    It’s Now or Never
    Hold on to true love
    It will last us forever
    We’re stronger everyday

    You gotta let it go
    Recover the lost wealth
    With communication
    Rebuild the stolen self

    Has to be redefined
    Are we one people
    Of a sane mind?

    Has to happen soon
    Are we living in lies?
    Do we want the truth?

    Only us can decide
    What is right in our lives
    Let eternal soul streams
    Manifest our dreams

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  • John Vehadija
    Work Of Eternity

    Hiking on melted buildings
    Noticing trails of another time
    The ancients left treasures
    For all of us to find

    The celestials awaken
    New dreams go though young minds
    Where are we going
    Today at this point in time

    Aware I pick task and work on it for eternity
    I know I am alive to solve the greatest mystery
    With you by my side I open new spaces
    Our world is alive with civilized races

    When the gods where alive
    There was another set of values
    Encoding of experience in architecture
    Remembering the meaning of adventure

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  • John Vehadija

    The Light Philosophy is set in stone, our principles are made with love
    The body of the goddess lays by the ocean and she smiles at the horizon
    They pyramid grid resets civilization on a new complexity
    Open your heart to this realization, evolve consciously

    Giants petrified across the land, frozen in stone
    Remember the original heaven, the past is petrified, in stone
    The gods of tomorrow rise from yesterday, from the rocks of a universe lost
    Many races of humankind merging as one thorough time

    Hold me with your streams of love, touch me with your wisdom of light
    Feel me with the lips of an angel, in heaven the gods are alive
    Take me with you on your travels, show me what you have accomplished
    Strive to be praised by the people, they need our help to retain charge

    When you are with me, I am not alone, when you call me, I’m running to you
    When I feel you, you’re everything that I could ever dream
    No pain is required to explore the future, envision a life, built on the truth
    I feel complete in a world where I can choose to be with you

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  • Gilly Goodness
    ● No wonder you like Jon Anderson.


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  • John Vehadija
    Source Resurrection

    A daughter of two angels, three smiles on our faces
    I welcome four godmothers, five summers of embraces
    Six acts of serendipity, painted in seven colors
    I activate my destiny with eight energy flowers

    Then access nine dimensions, ten sets of probabilities
    I have eleven brothers and twelve super-abilities
    I am alive in harmony, support One Light Creation
    Love has eternal memory and answers all the questions

    Imagination blossoms divine physical places
    Our souls are stationary, but lead us on adventures
    As universal cycles send influxes of soul connection
    My free will can choose with light world resurrection

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  • John Vehadija
    started a topic Elisfera's Promise

    Elisfera's Promise

    Ripples of the soul influences, the joy of form, no divisions
    You and I dancing on a rainbow, devoted drops in the ocean
    Mystic moments reasoned in silence, forever young beyond dreaming
    The fire of nature, that special time, the paradigm shift, the breath of life

    Elisfera, say you’ll stay, see the night sky under the arch
    Goddess of light decide awake, witness forever timelessness
    Accept to finally discover unification beyond death
    Face of art creative thinking, purple crystal, your little soul

    White waves philosophy healing, ascension of the spirit, can you feel it?
    Serendipity, reference points in trance, magic of love, at peace we smiled
    A card on a white roses bouquet, escape soul searcher introspection
    Imagine instances of wisdom, stationary viewpoint from above

    Elisfera, make my day, my soul is in your hands
    Heaven opened we found a way to be together in this lifetime
    Crystal reality already formed small acts of human kindness
    I am here in love with you, concentrate to clear the hate