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  • Yes rocked Cork!

    Firstly I want to thank kkleinschmidt (Kurt) who very kindly gave me his tickets for the Cork concert when he couldn't use them. I really appreciate his generosity and I think it's indicative of the kindness of the Yes fans community.

    I saw the band in Vicar Street on Tuesday night, so I was still buzzing from that gig on Wednesday morning as I took the train the 160 miles south to Cork, a beautiful city in which I spent lots of time as a child. My nephew was coming to the gig with me (he lives in Cork), so that was exciting to share the experience with him. He's a great guitarist himself, so he really appreciates Yes in general, but Steve's work in particular. I have to say that I was slightly apprehensive because I was so impressed by the Dublin gig, that I wondered if the Cork gig could live up to that level. I need not have worried.

    The Opera House in Cork was less than full (I think Vicar Street was full), but the audience were as enthusiastic as the previous night, and were clearly thrilled to see Yes. I'm not sure if Yes had ever played in Cork before, but if they did it would have been in the 70s, so the excitement was high,

    The setlist remained the same, but as it was the final night, I felt as if there was a level of playfulness that was great to see. Lots of smiles from the band.

    Once again, everyone was at the top of their game. Jay Schellen looks to be having the time of his life behind the kit, and Jon really communicates with the audience in his delivery of the songs. Billy is just amazing on bass, agile, melodic and with a beautiful tone. Steve is just the Steve we all know and love - totally committed to the music and thrilling us with his craft. Geoff holds the whole sonic picture together, while also covering all solos beautifully. And he impresses me by making it look like a walk in the park (when we know it's definitely not).

    This line-up seems to really enjoy playing together, and that comes across to the audience and makes the gig even more enjoyable.

    At times the night was euphoric - Jon just seems to be able to take everything up a level when his voice soars. As it was the last night of the tour, Steve thanked all the crew and thanked the fans for their support. Jon shook hands with people in the front row. For the final bow, all members looked very happy and probably relieved that they got through the tour without any Covid issue etc.

    As we spilled out into the night, the audience were all clearly delighted and thrilled by the gig.


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    Happy to hear it was a great night!
    "We all gotta climb mountains!" - Jon Anderson 2003


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            Steve's Acoustic - Clap


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              Yes perform Heart of the Sunrise, Live in Cork Opera House, Ireland. 29th June 2022

              Heart of the Sunrise


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                Yes perform And You and I, live in the Cork Opera House, Ireland. 29th June 2022.

                And You and I


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                  Yes performing Wonderous Stories, live at the Cork Opera House, 29th June 2022.

                  Wonderous Stories


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                    Yes playing Does It Really Happen? live in the Opera House, Cork, Ireland on 29th June 2022.

                    Does It Really Happen?


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                      Originally posted by Charles Slane
                      Great! Thank you for the pictures and videos
                      "We all gotta climb mountains!" - Jon Anderson 2003


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                        I saw 4 shows on this tour. YES was incredible! The band is really tight and enjoying themselves. And the set list was excellent.


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                          Thanks for the elaborate review, the pics and clips! The sheer enjoyment comes across!


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                            Glad you had a good time! Hopefully we hear about US tour dates soon.


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                              The Cork bobbed!
                              Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
                              Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.