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    Review of the concert

    Another good night - I thought that the band played well , particularly from Ice Bridge onwards (midway through the first half). Momentum continued to build, right through to the encore.

    Now I must have seen and heard Roundabout at least 60 times live, but it was actually an unexpected highlight for me last night - the band were really 'on it'. Lots of energy and Jon was in fine form. Just like RAH, I tip my hat to Billy and particularly to Jay. Steve was Steve, seemed to be in a better mood than other gigs on this tour. Geoff was ok - I really do wish he'd face the audience when he's playing , not when he stands idle - it just looks odd when he stands motionless , waiting for his next cue.

    Only disappointment was the crowd numbers - I think the City Hall was only half full, never seen that before (for any gig). It was a Sunday and had been rearranged from the Sage, but disappointing. That said, I still managed to have a seat behind the tallest person in Newcastle though ! (kept my neck muscles in shape).

    Good night, on to Cork !

    Have to say I was very apprehensive about going to this gig, some of the YouTube recordings didn't help matters either. I'd seen Yes with Jon Davidson and I wasnt to impressed. Anyway my son hadn't seen Yes before and so we both decided to go along.
    I decided to go with an open mind and treat it as a night of Yes music and a few beers. I made my mind up not to compare current members with past members and just accept it for what it was. I have to say I had a great evening. I thought the sound was fine from where we were seated, YouTube videos didn't come close to the real sound.
    I would have moved otswof to somewhere else in the set and played the full track, but that's only personal preference.
    I also thought Jon Davidson seemed much more settled and vocally better than last time I seen him. Billy Sherwood was majestic.
    My son thought they were great which also made it all worthwhile. If anyone knows was there a couple of projection screens missing that were there in previous gigs.