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Tonight'c concert in Liverpool

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    Tonight'c concert in Liverpool

    Anyone here going tonight? I must confess I've never been to Liverpool, which is something I'm very ashamed of. The venue, Philharmonic Hall seats 1700 and looks very nice. A historic venue, at which I'm sure the Beatles must have played. Anyone been before?
    Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
    Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.

    I went, instead of my usual Manchester visit to Liverpool. Despite the lack of any other comment, it was not from lack of a crowd. There were very few empty seats in the stalls, as for the Gods I couldn't see how full they were but i was told that it was very warm up there.
    So what's my review: a great evening.
    The stage looked less clustered than the last few times Ive seen them. But the screens at the back provided an excellent atmosphere for the songs, although not a great help with Roger Deans presentation. Not sure if they had been shuffled but there long periods of silence as slides came and went.
    Now down to the music, a great set list and the playing was excellent. It was good to see the younger side of the stage were really enjoying playing these songs ( Sorry Geoff you were with Steve in the older side). The sound balance was good (although load), and in the past the keyboards have been low i the mix, this night in general they they were far enough forward. Billy's bass and the pedals really rattled the structure and it was good to see him come forward on several of the songs. I've no complaints on Jay's drumming solid without trying to be flash.
    Jon's singing was on spot, although it did tend to highlight Jon (A)s monotonic chanting on many of the original songs.
    Despite previous comments on the tour I had no issues with the backing vocals and thought they were mixed well.
    One complaint I did have was a crackle in the sound. To me it sounded like a blown cone in one of the Hanging stacks.
    As for the setlist theonly one I felt didn't fit was Dare To Know, it didn't have the energy of the rest and to me suffered from Steve's co vocals, It would be better letting Jon do the Vocals and Billy the harmonies. And would I complain at Silent wings, no. I go to see songs played live and if they don't do them perfectly as the original, i'm not bothered, if I like it I'm not bothered if one bits missed out or another is half a beat early or late, did I enjoy it yes, that's all that matters.
    And NO, it's not memory giving me a rosey glow for the concert, I have listened to a phone recording I have of the full performance and it was as good as I remembered it.


      ^ There was also a cackle in the lefthand (as you look at the stage ) set of speakers sitting on the stage at Nottingham.

      It annoyed me intensely, that sort of thing should always get remedied.


        Ah, that left-handed cackle...
        Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
        Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.


          We are not getting confused with the crackle in the middle of the Ice Bridge when the Ice breaks? - just a thought.


            Just reposting my review from a few days ago as I posted it in the wrong place:

            Saw the guys at Liverpool tonight, overall great gig.

            I'll be honest, On The Silent Wings has never been one of my faves and I thought it was a bit of a car crash and the sound very muddy throughout it, so a thumbs down from me.
            That was the only tune the whole night I thought they didn't do justice.
            YIND was rocking, Does it Really Happen To You was great.
            I'll probably surprise everyone by saying The Ice Bridge was my fave tune of the whole night, maybe because the whole band was invested in the performance, I don't know but I was really impressed by it and thought here's a window of opportunity for a new Yes going forward (who knows).

            Heart Of The Sunrise was typically immense and performed well.

            A few words about the different members, Jay does a great job of filling Alan's shoes and is definitely in that mould rather than the Brufy mould, which is fine by me.
            Me and my friend who attended love Geoff, I think he has taken over Chris' role as being the hammy element in the show and brings a bit of showmanship and humour to proceedings, I think in this Steve Howe guitar dominated incarnation of Yes, not being a concert pianist is no great downside, and he performs his parts well.

            Billy played well throughout and sang well also, I do wish they would turn him up to Squire levels and light him up a bit from my side of the seating he was bathed in darkness throughout and didn't hear him as well as I would like.

            This is the hardest part, I think JD is a wonderful singer and pours his heart and soul into it, but I don't know what it is, maybe he's too American for Yes, too pure of vocal, maybe slightly too twee but I do feel it does take away from the performance at times. And as I say it pains me to say it because he is a true pro and totally committed to what he is doing but that is the way it feels to me, something just doesn't connect at times.

            SH rolls back the years each time we see him and is still the gaffer of the outfit post CS, flawless performance from him and he was well projected throughout.

            Close To The Edge and AYAI both moved me, playing the outro to CTTE in the original key was notable to me and special, thumbs up to the boys for pulling that off.

            It was interesting speaks to a few guys attending with different views, spoke to a guy who attended the original CTTE tour and said this incarnation is a tribute band, but also spoke to others who were fully invested so its mixed views amongst the fanbase I'd say.

            For anyone sitting on the fence I would say go out and see them it's a great nights entertainment and whilst not perfect, there's still no one like them.