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If you could have an extra album, which era?

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    Originally posted by rabin105 View Post

    true but there is enough Banks/Squire stuff that a 3rd banks album could easily exist

    Something's Coming
    Images of you and me
    Electric Funeral
    For Everyone
    Get yourself together
    Elenoir Rigby
    Dear Father
    It's love

    Personally I have enjoyed my made up 3rd banks album a lot
    I just listened to the Mabel Greer's songs again and was impressed to hear how much lead guitar Pete was playing back then. Was Yes a step back for him in a way? Sure, he had some good solos and riffs in the first two Yes albums, but it seems that he was lead in most of the MGT songs.


      I feel like everyone has it right, all the answers are correct. Refreshing to agree with so much of what's being said in a thread.

      I would probably say ABWH / Union era, although it's a wormhole of a daydream, thinking of all the Yes albums that might have been.. I'll just say that's it, so I can move on w/ my life.

      For those saying Relayer/Moraz, the solo albums are really a great alternative and not far from the real thing. I finally got my hands on Story of i, on vinyl, and I'm finding it helps to have all five of the solo records to tie that stuff together. I've long been a big fan of Jon's Olias, and now the others are growing on me too. It's going pretty slowly though, lol. Patrick's is especailly dense with detail and whirling noisyness... and Steve's isn't my favorite thing he's done, that's the hardest one for me .. Fish Out of Water I thought would bowl me over more but so far I'm finding it simply alright, getting better with every listen.


        Originally posted by Ash Armstrong View Post

        It's a generational thing.
        so where do you rank keys 1 and 2?