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Mr. Jefferson was a Yes/Prog fan!

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  • Mr. Jefferson was a Yes/Prog fan!

    Sherman Hemsley, the late actor best known for the role of scheming George Jefferson in The Jefferson's, was an unlikely fan of progressive rock. In fact, he dropped a major clue in a scene from the hit sitcom, which ran for 11 years through 1985.

    Hemsley briefly dances to a snippet of Nectar's song "Show Me the Way" from 1974's Down to Earth during an early episode of The Jefferson's. When his TV son Lionel switches off the boom box, Hemsley's character says: "Great music! What'd you turn it off for?"

    It was a sentiment Hemsley carried with him in real life: Set to play a comedy club in Cherry Hill, N.J., just before Yes released 2011's Fly From Here, Hemsley told The Intelligencer: "I can't wait for the new Yes album. I love music of all kinds, but, yes, I love prog rock."

    Sherman Hemsley (The Jeffersons) was a prog rock fanatic. He once danced to Gentle Giant on the Dinah Shore show. Playing a song from Nektar on the show was ...

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    Cool! Apparently there are full episodes of the show on youtube.


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      Billy Sherwood told me that Mr. Hensley was always one of the first to order his albums. Would have loved to seen him at a show. Sherman has quite the career. He was an acting icon.