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Never heard Wolfman Jack talk about Yes

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  • Never heard Wolfman Jack talk about Yes

    So this was interesting:

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    The only thing I know of 'Wolfman Jack' is the Todd Rundgren song on Something/Anything...
    Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
    Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.


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      His favorite Yes song must be Clap.


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        Just watched and listened to some of Robert and Olivia Newton-John when they were hosting The Midnight Special together.

        There is a rather recent nine part, forty minute long episodes on Olivia on YouTube that is wonderful if you have been a fan as long as I have. Fell in love with her voice the first time I heard it, and a fifty-one year crush ensued shortly after. My biggest regret was back in 71 or 72 while living in Austria, my grandparents came over to visit and we took a road-trip in our Volkswagen bus. We stopped at a light at night in Portugal, and I spied a small club she was going to be playing the next night. I had no vote as a seven year old to tell my dad we were going to get a hotel for the night so I could see the show. Seeing a young Olivia Newton-John performing before she became famous would have been amazing! Saw her decades later with my wife and daughter and it was such a fun and amazing show for me. My forever favorite singer the very first time I heard her on the car radio. Of course I had to send her a dozen red roses with card professing my fanhood prior to the show.


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          Originally posted by YESOLA
          in the final two seconds it sounds like they’re going into “People are Strange.”


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            My impression is Wolfman knew very little of Yes, but as host of MS he was enlisted to narrate the pre-assembled clip.
            Funny thing is I remember recording the audio of that on an old cassette boom-box. Used to record all my favorite band appearances that way, it's all we had back in the day.
            When I saw in that week's TV guide Yes would perform on Midnight Special I had my recorder ready to go but didn't know it was going to be just a commercial for the solos tour and albums. Pretty sure after a few listens I wound up recording over it LOL.


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              I remember my roommate and I watched the Midnight Special because Yes was listed as a guest, but it was just Steve Howe that time (the part that starts at 4:11 of that video) and boy were we disappointed.
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