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Favorite Yes Organ Moments...Hammond Or Otherwise

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  • Favorite Yes Organ Moments...Hammond Or Otherwise

    Most Yes albums have some great organ moments as part of the keyboard arsenal - though I can't recall much organ on Tales, actually. But what are some of your favorite organ moments in Yes? It doesn't necessarily have to be a rip-roarin' solo, it can be a musical passage in one of the songs. It can be a hammond organ, church organ, organ pads on a more modern synth, you name it. Here's some of mu faves to start with:

    keybordist: Rick Wakeman

    Towards the end of Yes' first sidelong epic, rick goes all out on not only one of the best organ solos in Yes, but one of the best organ solos in rock. That hammond solo towards the end of the piece really stands out and adds intensity to a stunning epic, driving its way to its logical conclusion.

    keyboardist: Tony Kaye

    The organ intro just glows. Tony Kaye has the most identifiable organ sound in Yes, and never wastes a note. Kaye, and his hammond organ, or vox continental or whatever he was using, is just masterful on this track, somewhat based on the Jupiter movement of Holst's The Planets suite. Some overlook him in favor of Rick Wakeman, but Kaye for certain has fine classical chops, and is the unsung hero of the first two Yes albums.

    keyboardist: Rick Wakeman

    And who could forget the grand pipe organ on the ethereal and hypnotic middle section on what's arguably Yes' finest epic track. And the solo leading up to its conclusion - absolutely heavenly.

    Just a few examples. Let's see what anyone else comes up with. Plenty of great organ moments from across all the studio albums.

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    Tony Kaye.......great player, but not the best

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      Agree on Rick's solo in CTTE. His solo in Roundabout is another standout!

      Tony Kaye's tone on TYA is outstanding. Love the power that the organ brings to the end of "Your Move", reverb echoing just long enough before ISAGP kicks in!


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        KEITH EMERSON : Exhibit #1


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          keith emerson : Exhibit #2


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            keith emerson : Exhibit #3


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              JON LORD : Exhibit #1


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                THROWDOWN !!! Jon Lord Vs. Rick Wakeman


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                  Back to reality............(.so as to not Disrespect the original thread ! )

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                    The live version of "America" on The Word Is Live is one of Tony"s finest moments; it's a wall of hammond.


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                      Awaken for sure and yes the prophet is a wonderful hammond moment, I like Kaye on Time and a Word in general.
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                        I’ll try a few…

                        “Looking Around”
                        ”Machine Messiah”
                        “The Calling”
                        ”New Language”
                        “Well ain’t life grand when you finally hit it?”-David Lee Roth


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                          It's got to be Rick Wakeman on Close to the Edge, though Albert Schweitzer playing Back [the one that got used for the original Rollerbal flm] is awesome too.


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                            All of the above! :-)

                            Loved seeing and hearing Tony as a special guest three three times ( and the two of us messing with each other afterwards; absolutely hilarious ) for the 50 Anniversary Tour.

                            One of the most fun keyboards shows I experienced, that only rivaled the most number of notes played with Kansas and YES on the same billing, was Wakeman & Wakeman. Wish I had gone to a couple more of those shows.



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                              Many great organ moments on record -

                              With regard to gigs, I remember seeing Yess at Radio City Music Hall inNYC in 2002 (I believe) - and suddenly all went dark, before a spotlight revealed Rick Wakeman off to the side of the stage playing the mighty Radio City Wurlitzer Organ. It was very exciting. At that moment, I remembered having seen the band Boston in the late 70's (at the time my favorite band was...Yes). Boston had a truly gigantic pipe organ which they somehow transported around for the tour. It was massive, with a mammoth sound. And Tom Sholz (who was a keyboard player long before he dabbled in guitar) kept playing that massive organ...and he was wearing a long cape. And I was one of many fans talking about Rick Wakeman and speculating that Scholz must be a big Yes fan. I still don't know if he is, but I wonder.