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  • Yes - Guilty Pleasures

    What not so popular or weaker Yes songs do you dig or have learned to like over the years. My tastes have changed quite a bit in some respects and some I liked from the get go.

    I used to instantly skip Circus of Heaven, I've learned to to like it. Same with Abilene, From the Balcony, Soft As A Duck, If Only You Knew, and Step Beyond.

    And with a thread title like this, it could go anywhere....

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    Circus Of Heaven
    Holy Lamb (not weak at all to me though)
    Owner Of A Lonely Heart
    A Venture
    Rhythm of Love
    9012live ( I haven't owned it or heard it in ages though)

    Not sure what else. There's actually very little Yes I don't like.


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      No way we can lose and Saving my Heart. Catchy tunes, segue well as they're both in the same key, rhythm and beat.


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        Circus Of Heaven
        Holy Lamb
        Lightning Strikes
        To Ascend​


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          I love Step Beyond, Arriving UFO, and The Man You Always Wanted Me To Be.


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            Good thread, Erik.

            My current list would include:

            Love Shine
            City of Love
            State of Play


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              Not sure, no real guilty pleasure Yes songs for me, I pretty much like it all in varying degrees.
              Here's some weaker stuff that I might dig when the mood gets me:

              Somehow, Someday
              Love Shine
              Mystery Tour (possibly my least favorite Yessong ever)
              Dear Father (believe it or not)
              Quartet (not the I'm Alive part, the rest of it - I'm Alive works better as a standalone track)

              Actually the real Guilty Pleasures can be found in the solo catalogues of various Yes members. These include entries so schlocky that some may cringe, though I may actually dig!
              Some of these include:

              Jon Anderson - Searching For The Songs. Which song? Pick one, probably that 'Rachael & Jessica' one, what on Earth IS THAT? I guess he was searchin' for the songs.
              Rick Wakeman - Rock N Roll Prophet. Again, pick one. Probably "I'm So Straight I'm A Weirdo' or 'Do You Believe In Fairies'. I think Jon probably does believe in fairies. These songs are in the 'so bad they're good' category. If there's a Mystery Science Theater for music, these would appear. But I actually do dig these.


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                Walls - can't help but sing along loudly

                Almost Like Love - great headbanger

                Man in the Moon - good solid track

                Bumpy Ride - not really a track, but almost everyone seems to hate this part of the FFH suite, I really like it.

                In a World of Our Own - quite like the bluesy feel of this


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                  Union as an album - It has a certain vibe that I find captivating, and it was among the last few albums where a producer put pressure on the band and directed things. The Ladder and Fly From Here were the only ones after that where there was a dominant producer in the mix, and I think those records are as good as they are because of that. Roy Thomas Baker does not count. Does not seem like he put much effort into Heaven and Earth.

                  Open your Eyes - I simply like most of the songs. I do kind of lose interest by the end. I think this and most of the albums after Big Generator would have been a lot better at 40 or 45 mins rather than 60 - 70 mins. It seem that Steve Howe's yes agrees that the classic album length is probably the sweet spot (see The Quest and the forthcoming one)

                  I rather like some of Heaven and Earth. The stuff I don't like does not make me sick. I think the album gets too much heat because of what it is not, rather than what it is. Much like Open Your Eyes and Talk, come to think of it. Hot Take: How much better is Keys to Ascension (studio cuts) than Heaven and Earth, honestly? I would argue that the writing on H&E is way better, even if the playing on Keys is better. I am probably more embarrassed to like Keys than I am H&E due to the almost "first thought" quality of the lyrics and vocal melodies on Keys. H&E has songs that seem to have had more thought put into them on the writing side. Better material. Had Alan been healthy and strong, and a better, more assertive producer been involved, H&E would have lived up to it's potential. A remix / re-edit could do it wonders. Mic drop.

                  I sometimes listen to the Paris sessions and sort of almost enjoy it. I keep giving them a chance every 5 years or so. I guess I must like them on some level, though I am very very embarrassed by it, because 99% of it is absolutely horrible music, horribly executed. No wonder they abandoned it.
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                    Jeff Tiberius Grey Wolf
                    My hovercraft is full of eels


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                      I'm having a hard time finding an answer.....maybe Circus Of Heaven. A little on We Have Heaven....hmmmm....Turn Of The Century is a good answer.


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                        Originally posted by Chrisklenox

                        Union as an album - It has a certain vibe that I find captivating.
                        I never learned to like this one. No matter how hard I try!


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                          I don't do guilt. Pleasure, yes, but not guilt.
                          Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
                          Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.


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                            As I have been listening to new music real time since 1971, for me Tormato was the first project where there were pieces I loved and others I disliked which were against the tide.

                            I have always liked Arriving UFO and Circus of Heaven and cannot stand DKTW and RR.

                            On Drama Into The Lens knocked me out whereas I am no fan of Tempus Fugit.

                            Wonderlove was supposed to be part of the Keys material. I love both.

                            The Africa Suite ( Lightening Strikes, Can I, Face To Face.)

                            The Calling always gets me idiot dancing.


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                              This is the second time I've heard someone refer to 'The Africa Suite'? Where/from whom does that designation come from?
                              And shouldn't it include Nine Voices?
                              Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
                              Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.