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Relayer Tour CANCELLED !!

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  • Originally posted by Grey Wolf
    The only thing that's going to get me to a YesO concert now is Teakbois!!! 😎
    Now you're talkin' ! After hearing Jon and Geeks do Gates of Delirium, it might be a good idea for Steve's Yes not to. Jon and Band Geeks gotta bust out Sound Chaser, it would be incredible.... Of course after Teakbois that is.


    • Originally posted by JMKUSA

      If they played Gates, To Be Over, and The Remembering, but not Sound Chaser, would you go?

      I think it’s likely we’ll get something from Relayer and something from Tales on the next tour.
      I'd go. I don't really envision them tackling Sound Chaser and one may think they were stalling for time in order to properly work it up - it may be the one track in rehearsals that just refuses to come together for one reason or another. But I could be wrong, and I'm open to seeing them with or without Sound Chaser. To Be Over and The Remembering would be enough of a draw for me. Both of those tracks are in my top faves list along with Perpetual Change.