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  • Looking ahead to 2023

    From ma blog:

    Steve Howe likes to run a tight ship with Yes: no leaks. But enough has come out to say we expect a new Yes album in 2023, with Howe, Downes, Sherwood and Davison, with White having recorded drum parts before he passed away, with Joyce and the FAMES orchestra back. Rumour has it out in the first half of the year. Presumably they will want it out before or not too long after touring begins on 7 May 2023. This will be the long-awaited, many-times-delayed Relayer tour. European dates from Portugal through to the UK have been announced and the tour is then expected to move to North America and maybe Japan.

    Meanwhile, Jon Anderson also has a new album and tour due in 2023. Producer Michael Franklin was planning to finish recording for 1000 Hands: Chapter Two in December 2022; they’re aiming for an April 2023 release in time for Jon’s US tour with the Band Geeks in April/May 2023 playing Yes classics. Album guests are expected to include Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin.
    Also due is the new Downes Braide Association album, Celestial Songs. This was finished back in April 2022; a release date of March 2023 is rumoured. Downes also leads Asia, who had a tour planned in late 2022 with Carl Palmer, Billy Sherwood and Marc Bonilla. This was to be with the Alan Parsons Project, but Parsons has had health problems, causing delays. What happens next is unclear, but it appears Asia are keen to tour some time in 2023.

    There’s a pattern here. Yes will have a new album, but the tour will focus on an old one, Relayer (1974). Anderson will have a new solo album, but tour focusing on old Yes songs. Promo hasn’t mentioned anything from later than 1977. Downes has a new album with Chris Braide, but plans to tour with Asia, focusing on Asia (1982) and possibly Alpha (1983). That’s the world we live in. Ageing rock musicians make more money touring the old songs than they do from recording new ones. Yes will probably play a song or two from their new album and Anderson might include something new, but audiences want the classic tunes. Rick Wakeman’s new album, A Gallery of the Imagination, has already been on sale on his Christmas tour dates; it receives a full release in 2023. But, likewise, his sets focus on the 1970s.

    In just the last few days, we’ve had news about Trevor Rabin’s new solo album, expected some time in 2023 and entitled Rio. He’s talked of a rock album with vocals, so something more in the style of Can’t Look Away than Jacaranda. In terms of former band members releasing solo albums, we also have Oliver Wakeman saying Anam Cara is due this year.

    I expect those to be the big events of the year. Most of those are expected earlier rather than later in the year; we will have to wait and see what late 2023 brings. I’m sure there will be plenty more Yes-related releases, but what is less clear.

    Trevor Horn has a body of material, strange covers done in collaboration with musicians from Tori Amos to Toyah Willcox, from Rick Astley to Robert Fripp, but it is unclear if he has a record deal or a release date.

    Billy Sherwood is always busy. I’m sure we’ll get plenty from him. Both he and ARW’s Lee Pomeroy may be on Dave Kerzner and Fernando Perdomo’s multi-disc Genesis tribute. Jon Davison may be guesting on United Progressive Fraternity’s Planetary Overload Part 2: Hope. Steve Howe will probably give us Homebrew 8.

    Schellen has mentioned a possible archival Badfinger release with him and Kaye. Michael Franklin has mentioned a possible archival live Patrick Moraz release. There may be a Jazz Sabbath live release from the 2022 tour, with Adam Wakeman and Dylan Howe in the line-up, plus dad Rick guesting. We should get more archival releases from Rick Wakeman’s Caped Crusader Collector Club.

    Cleopatra Records will undoubtedly have some all-star tribute with a couple of Yes members. There should be one or more Zorbonauts releases with Downes. Downes has also produced an album by Gareth Ainsworth and The Cold Blooded Hearts that might be out in 2023.

    In the less certain but possible category, we could have a third In Continuum studio album with Davison. Maybe a John Lodge project with Davison and Downes? Maybe the Rick Wakeman/Tim Rice/Alfie Boe project?

    What are you looking forward to in 2023?

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    DBA5. Definately.

    New YES album and hopefully Roger does a video of the album cover. Videos from the Relayer tour.

    As for the rest. I'll check some out and enjoy the discussions on here 😉


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      The re-release of Bob Weir's Ace next month, in a remastered deluxe edition, hopefully to be followed by the Dead's Wake of the Flood at some point in 2023.

      An archive Yes release of performances from the Tales tour along the lines of Progeny, but that's probably hoping for too much...

      No great interest in a new Steve Howe/Yes album, or in any other tangential/spin-off releases, I'm afraid.
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      Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.


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        I’ll preorder Rabin and Anderson’s records when the links go live. I’ll listen to the Yes on streaming and will definitely listen to DBA. Other than that I’m really looking forward to Metallica’s new album and, possibly, Smashing Pumpkins if Billy Corgan has remembered how to plug in a guitar and that he has an awesome drummer. U2 has a new one coming, but it is re-recording of old tracks so probably not very exciting. Michael Stipe has a solo album coming, but I’m expecting Stipe warbling over Kid A-esque electronica, so also not very exciting. Hopefully something I had no idea existed will come along and surprise me like sometimes happens.
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          Thanks for the update!

          Looking forward most to the Yes album. Let’s see if the upward trend continues.
          Second in line is Rabin. I hope he doesn’t try to go too commercial on it…
          Third is Anderson. He ‘s continued to dissapoint since way back, but I haven’t given up on him yet. If only he would get back to songwriting instead of just winging it.


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            There's a few on this list that catch my eye.
            A regularly updated guide to the new albums, EPs, mixtapes, and projects getting released in the coming weeks and months
            Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see.
            Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.


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              Besides getting the good news about Rio, I'm looking forward to new Rick (because it's an ERE album) and DBA, as well as hearing what 1000 Hands: Chapter Two turns out to be.
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                When was the last time we had new studio releases from Jon, Rick, Steve, Trevor and Geoff all in the same year? Seems like 2023 will be a big year for Yes related music, regardless of what the name is.


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                  I'm most interested in the new YesO record, but will probably pick up Rio and DBA, too.


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                    Wonderful! Plenty to look out for. I really hope I'll enjoy the new Yes album as much as the last one. If the songs are a bit faster and/or have more vocal harmonies, perhaps even more!!!
                    I downloaded about half of JA's first chapter, so I'm hoping for at least as much from 1000 Hands 2.
                    I already have RW's new one, but haven't given it enough time, yet, to be sure of what I think. I really liked Red Planet, but this one sounds quite different. I'll probably get back to it again some time next week.
                    Also looking forward to hearing the others. I'm sure there will be songs I will listen to a lot, on some/many of them.
                    Thanks for all the the info, Henry! It brings an additional rush of optimism for the new year.


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                      I am excited for it all


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                        Originally posted by rabin105

                        I am excited for it all
                        It'll be like 75 tonnes of fireworks watched by a million people on the foreshore. 2023. In 6 hours.

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                          Originally posted by bondegezou

                          What are you looking forward to in 2023?
                          In addition to the new Yes album (Which is my most anticipated album), I am looking forward to Billy Sherwood's Pushing Into the Wind solo album, which seems like a probable 2023 release given that it was basically finished months ago.

                          I don't know where we are at with Circa: and that album Sherwood and Kaye reported had a label contract them for a couple of years ago, but that would be another album to look forward to if it's still a thing.

                          Similarly, it's kind of hard to gauge if that Asia Featuring John Payne album he was talking about being far along a while back is happening (Payne isn't exactly Mr. Reliable), but, if it does, I'm in. Ditto a hypothetical Dukes of the Orient 3.

                          It doesn't sound like regular Asia is going to release a new studio album next year.

                          Honestly, there are a variety of 90s bands still around that'd be auto-buys for me like Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains (Where I have all their studio albums), but I don't really tend to hear about what they do that far in advance. I like the music, but I'm not plugged into the fan communities. If they do something, though, I'm in.

                          David Piach mentioned recording something for a second Steve Porcaro solo album recently. That's not an auto-buy for me, but I'd listen to some songs on YouTube and consider buying it if it comes out.

                          I think I heard some rumblings that Peter Gabriel might be doing something. If he actually does release a rock album, I'd probably get it. I doubt it'd be great as, IMO, his later albums (Which themselves were a long time ago) weren't as good as his earlier albums and his vocals aren't what they were, but since I have all his studio rock albums, I have to say I'd lean heavily in the direction of buying a download of a new album and listening to it. Keep the collection complete and so forth. . I'd probably like it well enough for it to be worthwhile.

                          Glass Hammer seems to have an album almost every year. I've bought the last three in a row. I don't know if they have one due up in 2023, but it seems likely, and if they do, I'd strongly consider getting it.

                          In theory, the Counting Crows were said to be working on a second Butter Miracle EP when the first one came out. I don't know what happened to that, but if they release it, I'll buy it. I can't get on them too much for their infrequent releases as their lead singer has well documented mental health difficulties that he's been very open about, and the nature of some of those difficulties makes it very clear why he wouldn't feel incentivized to make music at times.

                          I don't know if Rabin's rock album with vocals will be out in 2023, but I'd think about that one if it is.

                          If Deep Purple went into the studio with their new guitarist and made an album of original songs, I'd buy that. I have no indication that they are, they've just been releasing studio albums reasonably frequently the last couple decades for a band of their age, so it seems plausible. I have all of their stuff from the 21st century except their covers album.

                          We had a Chicago album in 2022, so we won't get one this year. The one from 2022 is good, though. Ditto, Bush (the band).

                          Hard to think of what else could be coming. Who knows?
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                          "A lot of the heavier conversations I was having with Chris toward the end were about his desire for this thing to go forward. He kept reiterating that to me. [...] He kept telling me, 'No matter what happens, Yes needs to continue moving forward and make great music. So promise me that that's something you want to do.'. And I have to keep making music. It's just what I do. [...] I'm a fan of the band and I want to see it thrive and that means new music." -Billy Sherwood


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                            Originally posted by downbyariver
                            I think I heard some rumblings that Peter Gabriel might be doing something. If he actually does release a rock album, I'd probably get it. I doubt it'd be great as, IMO, his later albums weren't as good as his earlier albums (Which themselves were a long time ago) and his vocals aren't what they were, but since I have all his studio rock albums, I have to say I'd lean heavily in the direction of buying a download of a new album and listening to it. Keep the collection complete and so forth. . I'd probably like it well enough for it to be worthwhile.
                            He's announced a tour and new album, i/o, for 2023 -- with Tony Levin, so there's a Yes connection.

                            Good news about a new Steve Porcaro album. I very much enjoy his first (and also David Paich's first).

                            I forgot about Pushing Into the Wind (a title that still doesn't work in British English). Yes, that seems very possible for 2023. We've not heard anything about more CIRCA: work, so I wouldn't hold my breath for that.

                            I am confident Rio will be out in 2023.


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                              With 3 major YES-related releases, it's going to be much more than I would have thought for 2023 !
                              I'm still dreaming of the Jon Anderson with Elias, Haun and Michael Sherwood album to be finished one day and of course, the 2nd Anderson / Stolt album..