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The yes lineup for the Alan white show has been revealed

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  • Great photo! Which tour was that, 2013 Three Album Tour?


    • Originally posted by JMKUSA

      Great photo! Which tour was that, 2013 Three Album Tour?
      Looking at Jon, I bet it was his first or second tour with the boys. This pic was in my china cabinet.

      Personally I'm thinking for me, it was probably 20-30 lbs ago. ;-)


      • I think I was at that show Rob because I vaguely recall you wearing that shirt at the Borgotta April 2014


        • Originally posted by True

          Some nice photos here, thank you. Who is the fellow in the black cowboy hat?
          Randy Hansen


          • Thanks, Henry. Coming off the Lititz rehearsal show and the two at The Keswick Theatre I can tell you that rumors of the death of Yes are premature. Three great shows and Close to the Edge sounded amazing. I have one more next month. I can't see them tonight which is tempting as it would have made the show in Bethlehem number 100.


            • Originally posted by rabin105

              Those fours songs would be awesome … I mean we won’t get any of them October 2nd but imagine they really go nuts and throw in the presence of and to ascend (with Rabin on guitar) how insane that would be
              And Telephone Secrets.

              Insane. Especially when Juano jumped on the 2nd drum kit.


              • Awesome photo Rob !!


                • Originally posted by Somis Sound

                  Awesome photo Rob !!
                  I may have had a good laugh, well at least they were laughing, which was good to hear them laughing and adding a few lines, just prior, when I said I enjoyed the two songs from Heaven & Earth they performed ( no, me thinks this was at the Warner Theater in d.c, not the Borgotra show that Danny referenced ), as I hadn't heard anything off the album yet.

                  Steve said I was, at that point, and yes, I am pretty sure I know who leaked the album out early at that point, having met him at a YOSO show, hanging out with Derek Schulman, that I was the only person who hadn't heard the album ( it wasn't even on sale yet to the public), and it was great to see the guys laughing and having fun just prior to this shot. Good times for sure. This was the last time Alan was doing pretty good, and interacting, from what I remember.

                  I've had a lot of great and memorable times with the guys of YES, ASIA, CIRCA:, and YOSO. Honestly, Erik and everyone else, I can"t believe this ride is still going. Seeing and hearing Michael Schenker later this month. There are still some good shows to see and enjoy.